Willie Geist is an American television personality who is married to Christiana Sharkey since 2003. Enjoying his delighted married life with his wife, the anchor is blessed with two kids. He married his childhood sweetheart in May 2003 after being in relation for 13 years.

Taking simple steps of supporting each other, the couple Willie Geist and Christina crossed the 13 years of marriage, brightening the flames of love

Willie and Christiana Geist have incredible love story together. They were together in a relation for 13 years before they exchanged their marriage vows. Yes, after whole 13 years of togetherness they united on May 24, 2003, as husband and wife. They now have two children together.

Their wedding ceremony took place iHumacaoco, Puerto Rico. Later, the reception ceremony was held at Candelero Resort.

Their first child is Lucy Joy who was born in 2007 after 3 years of marriage. Likewise, the second baby George William was born in 2009.

The beautiful couple’s bond is very strong. Hence, no reports of disputes have ever been recorded. They are the exemplary couple, which demonstrates how a marital paradise always become bright as it was in the initial time. They describe the true meaning of love. They crossed every stage of life growing up together.

Unbelievable: Sixth grade school sweetheart, Willie and Christina Geist romantic flings still blossoms

Willie met Christiana when she was in sixth grade and dated through the middle and high school. They have set an example for those couples who split as soon as they get married.

In an interview, Willie Geist told that “It’s fun to know the person in sixth-grade homeroom and see her now being such a great mom to our two kids. It’s a journey that not a lot of people have together, and it’s very special,” he added.

Christina has recently authored a book entitled, Buddy’s Bed Time Battery.

The couple recently celebrated their 13 years anniversary on May 24. Both Willie and Christina posted their wedding memory on her Twitter account.

13 years ago today. Concatedral Dulce Nombre de Jesús. Humacao, Puerto Rico.

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Willie is an amazing person with a groovy love story. As in professional life, he has achieved remarkable success,likewise, personal life too is bloomed and it’s evident from his long lasted married life with wife Christiana Sharkey. Willie Geist has formed a perfect family with a loving wife and two children.