Whoa!The little girl Paige Hyland is dating. Who is her boyfriend? How does she celebrates her birthday?

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Paige Hyland is reported to be dating but her boyfriend's name is yet to be known. The young star will be celebrating her 16th birthday soon.

The little girl from Dance Moms is not little anymore. She has grown up and is already in a relationship. She has revealed that she is in love with a guy but hasn't revealed who this guy is. Keep reading to learn more.

Paige Hyland’s dating rumors : With whom is she romantically linked?

I couldn't think of a caption so

A photo posted by Paige Hyland (@paigehyland1) on

Dance Moms famed 15 years old Paige Hyland is famous for her dance moves and now with her dating rumors. She was linked with Nick Kelley when she was in Dance Moms but since she is not anymore associated with Dance Moms, the rumor has subsided.

Paige posted the above picture with Nick in early 2016 on her Instagram and the comments section flooded with people asking her if he was her boyfriend. She hasn't responded to those comments.

However, a few weeks ago, Paige posted a picture on Instagram with her boyfriend and captioned it "so much love for him". The face of her boyfriend is not seen in the picture so it is unknown who he really is.

so much love for him

A photo posted by Paige Hyland (@paigehyland1) on

They look so much in love with each other but it's not known for how long they've been in a relationship. Why is she not revealing his face to her fans? Why is she keeping it a secret?

Well, for now, it is unanswered but she may either post a picture with his face shown or inform her fans through a tweet soon.

How Paige Hyland celebrates her birthday? When is her birthday?

Hyland’s birthday falls on the 1st of November. Her gymnastic style of dance and pleasant personality is liked by many viewers and that’s why she has 152,000 YouTube subscribers, 2.8 million Instagram followers and 552k twitter followers. She can be followed on Instagram and Twitter @paigehyland1.

Well, that’s a huge number of followers for a 15-year-old girl. But she prefers to keep her profile low. There’s no doubt she celebrates her birthday to the fullest but she hasn’t shared any of its pictures with her fans.

In a few months, Paige will be turning 16. She will definitely be celebrating her sweet 16 in a lavish way and she will certainly be flooded with birthday wishes from her fans and followers.

We are eagerly waiting for her birthday tweets and pictures. Hope she will not disappoint her fans! Maybe Paige Hyland will also reveal her boyfriend's name soon.

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