Kathy Giacalone is famous for being the wife of an American professional NFL player Tony Siragusa. Siraguse was one of the greatest players in American football history and a super bowl champion. Tony’s widow remained out of the spotlight despite her late husband’s fame.

Kathy is the executive coach and leadership consultant. People best recognize as problem-solver and celebrity spouses. Moreover, Giacalone guides people to develop sensibly and collaboratively. Keep reading to know more about Giacalone.

Bio of Kathy Giacalone

Kathy Giacalone’s exact date of birth is not shared. However, comparing Giacalone’s appearance with her husband, she seems around four years younger than her husband. Moreover, Her partner Tony Siraguse was born in the early 60s. The executive coach was born and raised in New Jersey, United States.

A precious family picture of Kathy Giacalone
Family picture of Kathy Giacalone. Source: Instagram

Giacalone is an educated woman. Moreover, It is safe to claim that she at least has a High School degree. Because, as a professional executive coach, it is necessary to obtain a degree. She might not like to share her educational background with the public, and she maintained it personally.

Despite being the only wife of an American footballer, She didn’t share info about her characteristics. Giacalone is entirely hidden from social media. Neither she has Instagram or Facebook, nor Twitter. Also, Kathy’s parents prefer to live a low-key life. Seeing her family details, she seems to have grown up as an only child.

Married life and children: Kathy Giacalone and Tony Siragusa

Kathy Giacalone married Tony Siragusa on April 22, 1995. They were a beautiful couple among other athletes duo. After a few years of their wedding, they welcomed their firstborn, Samantha Siragusa, on May 14, 1997.

Giacalone is hugging her husband, Tony Siraguse.
Kathy is hugging her husband, Tony Siraguse. Source: Instagram

The late Tony and his wife welcomed Anthony Siragusa Jr as their second child on September 6, 1999. Ava Siragusa is the youngest daughter of Tony and Kathy, and her date of birth is yet to be revealed.

Kathy and her late husband’s kids are also thriving in their professions. Their firstborn, Samantha, works as an Environmental Educator/Co-Chair at the Sustainability & Conservation Culture Task Force.

Anthony Jr is also an American Football player like his father. However, Ava hasn’t taken her future path yet, but she is pursuing her study at Morristown-Beard School. The couple stayed loyal to their vows until Tony passed away.

Kathy’s Late Husband: Tony Siragusa

Tony Siragusa was born on 1967 May 14. Siragusa’s nickname is Goose. He was raised and born in Kenilworth, New Jersey. He is the son of Peter A. Siragusa and Rosemarie Siragusa. Tony is best known as a professional Gridiron Football player. The Athelate is also an American and Italian root. Tony grew up as an only child of Peter and Rosemarie Siraguse.

Tony shared the picture of Kathy and their daughter, Ava Siraguse.
A picture of Kathy’s husband and the daughter, Ava Siraguse.
Source: Instagram

Siragusa started his career in sports at the University of Pittsburgh. He played for Pittsburgh Panthers in college. The professional player loved to play as a defensive tackle. Moreover, Tony played 12 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens in the National Football League (NFL). Like Kathy’s husband Sugaruse, Peyton Manning is an American footballer.

Giacalone’s husband, a professional Gridiron football athlete, died.

The professional Football player died on June 22, 2022, in Ortley Beach, New Jersey, U.S. Tony Sigarusa died from a massive heart attack. It was a huge shock for his family and fans that he died at 55. As per the report, his health condition was poor before his death.

Anniversary picture of the couple.
Kathy and her husband shared the 24th-anniversary picture.
Source: Instagram

What was the reason behind his poor health condition? The American Football player was not serious about his diet and exercise. Also, he was 340 lb (154 kg) when he died. People stated that heart attack disease is not unusual for fat people. He was six feet three inches (1.92m)tall. Overall, It can be considered as he died because of his physical frailty.

What is the net worth of Kathy Giacalone?

Kathy Giacalone’s estimated net worth is $1 million. As an executive coach and leadership consultant, Giacalone makes around  $103,600. So, she lives a luxurious life being the only wife of the wealthiest gridiron player.

The picture was captured when Kathy visited Germany with her husband Tony
The picture was taken when Kathy visited Germany with her husband, Tony.
Source: Instagram

Giacalone is staying in Ortley Beach, New Jersey, with three children and bears all the living expenses. Also, her house valuation in Ortley Beach is approximately $1,100,000. She lives a luxurious life with her children over there.

The executive coach and leadership consultant’s husband was the wealthiest athlete. Furthermore, he had about $6 million net worth when he died. Similarly to Tony, a fellow NFL star Rodney Harrison held millions as his net worth. Also, he used to earn roughly $500,000 annually. Kathy’s children don’t prefer to share salary details. However, as an NFL payer, her son Anthony Siraguse makes annually around $1,018,301.