What sparked the rumors of Daniel Tosh marriage know who are his wife and children



Daniel Tosh - Info

Name Daniel Dwight Tosh
Profession Comedian
Gender Male
Birthday May 29, 1975
Age 41 Years Old
Star Sign Cancer

Daniel Tosh's marriage rumors are all over the media at the moment. In reality, however, the comedian is not married and perhaps not even planning to get a wife. Although Daniel is getting older with the years passing by, there are still no signs of him wanting to settle down with a wife and children.

Daniel Tosh had an exciting romantic relationship that unfortunately was called off because of Daniel’s inappropriate “comic” remarks on-stage

Daniel was dating a hot model named Megan Abrigo in 2009. Megan used to work for the show ‘Deal or No Deal’. The two were spotted publicly. However, in 2014, Tosh went ‘No Deal’ on Megan as they called it quits.

Many claimed this was because of the impolite jokes he made about her onstage. As part of a comedian’s life, many take to their own personal issues as material. However, the context with which he poked fun of his relationship may have offset the gorgeous Brunette. He joked about justifying cheating on her because she forgot to record a TV show on HD.

While Daniel Tosh mostly refers to his personal life experiences in his comedy stand ups, he has abstained from commenting on his relationship failures

As mentioned, most comedians use their personal lives as comedic material. However, Tosh has stayed away from revealing why he broke up or addressing any marriage rumors. Maybe one day, he will find the right person to settle down with. We hope his future wife and children will not mind his offensive way of joking.

Daniel Tosh’s romantic endeavors are reportedly non-existent since his last break up

Ever since the comedian has separated with his ex-girlfriend, he has not been spotted with others. It is understandable that Daniel does not find it easy to date a new girl since he is reportedly a victim of social anxiety.

Furthermore, many suspect Daniel of being gay. This is because Daniel likes to discuss gay stuff on his show. He has been in few awkward situations with males which were covered up as gigs for the show. However, none of the rumors has been confirmed.

However, that is not to say that Daniel is not looking for anyone. On one of his twitter satire, Daniel expressed "being married to a ballerina has made everyday a little more beautiful. "

We hope that the satire king Daniel finds someone who would not be offended by his sense of humor. Also, all female fans of Daniel Tosh, note that he is currently single and ready to mingle!

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