Updated: 01/22/2018 12:12 PM | First Published: 01/22/2018 11:06 AM

What is Prehistoric Park's Nigel Marvin doing in 2018?


Nigel Marven (born 27 November 1960) is a British TV presenter, wildlife expert, producer, birdwatcher and author.

Growing up in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, he was attracted to animals from an early age. 

With his growing interest in nature, he studied botany at Bristol University which he left to join BBC Natural History Unit.

He worked as a researcher for David Attenborough’s ‘The First Eden,’ which was a dream come true for him. 

Because of his experience, he was asked by BBC to be an Assistant Producer on the series, My Family and Other Animals.

Since 2000, he has been working regularly in reality shows related to wildlife like Shark Week, Giant Creepy Crawlies, Ten Deadliest Snakes with Nigel Marven, Killer Whale Islands, and many more.

Nigel has been in plenty of close encounters with wild animals and often been bitten by venomous snakes.

Due to his daring and unorthodox style of presenting the shows, he has been compared to crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin.

He is actively involved in conservation projects and is involved with Chengdu Panda Base, The Great Fen Project and Vale Wildlife Hospital.

He married Jenny Hull in September 1996, but they separated after four years of marriage.

He has a son, Theo from a woman named Jane Braham.

He married Gillian Impey on May 1, 2004, and has a daughter named Eleonora with her.

According to him, the couple is going through a divorce.

He is a vegetarian and loves animals. His favorite animal is Peregrine falcon.

His new show, Wild Philippines with Nigel Marven is set to air soon.

You will find him hunting snakes in the Western Ghats in May, searching for Dino fossils/polar bear in Canada in August and doing ORCA cruise in Malaysia in September.

Name Nigel Marven
Profession television presenter of nature documentary
Gender Male