Big Chief, whose real name is Justin Shearer, is a highly skilled and passionate professional street race enthusiast. He gained widespread recognition and fame through his appearances on the popular reality show called “Street Outlaws.” His exceptional racing abilities, combined with his charismatic personality, made him a beloved figure during his time at the show. His determination to push the limits of speed and his unwavering love for the adrenaline-fueled world of street racing has earned him a respected reputation within the racing community.

Shearer, also known as Big Chief, was born on December 9, 1980, under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. He hails from Louisville, Kentucky, and that’s where his journey in the world of street racing began. Growing up in Louisville, he developed a deep passion for cars and racing at an early age. His hometown provided him with a rich automotive culture and a supportive community of fellow racing enthusiasts.

Big Chief’s Relationship Status

Justin Shearer, also known as Big Chief, is currently in a relationship with a woman named Jackie Braasch. Both Justin and Jackie share a deep love and passion for cars, which has played a significant role in their connection. She is a member of Car Chix, a renowned motorsport organization specifically dedicated to empowering and supporting women in the world of motorsports.

Jackie Braasch is wearing a black t-shirt and black short pants.
Big Chief’s girlfriend, Jackie Braasch (Source: Big Chief Instagram @bigchiefokc)

Shearer and Braasch shared passion for automobiles has not only brought them together but also allowed them to bond over their common interests and experiences. As a couple, they understand and appreciate the thrill and adrenaline that comes with racing, and they often support and inspire each other in their respective racing endeavors. Their relationship serves as a testament to the power of shared passions and the ability to find love within a community that shares the same values and interests.

Used To Be A Married Man

Before his current relationship with Braasch, Shearer was previously married to Alicia Shearer. They tied the knot on September 29, 2006, but unfortunately, their marriage came to an end in November 2017 when they divorced. Alicia has had a career as a respiratory therapist, working at Integris and ISMC.

Born on August 18, 1980, in Oklahoma, Alicia’s professional path took her into the medical field, where she played a vital role in providing respiratory care to patients. While their marriage didn’t last, their shared history and experiences shaped Justin’s journey and contributed to the person he is today. Although they have moved on from their marriage, the ex-couple continues to pursue their respective paths in life, focusing on their personal growth and happiness.

Shearer Is The Father

Shearer, also known as Big Chief, is not only an accomplished street racer but also a loving father to two sons like Ron Gibbany. During his marriage to Alicia Shearer, they welcomed two sons named Covil Shearer and Corbin Shearer into their lives. Both Covil and Corbin share their father’s passion for racing, showcasing a keen interest in the exhilarating world of motorsports.

Big Chief is taking the selfie as Covil and Corbin Shearer looks on.
Big Cheif and his sons, Covil and Corbin Shearer (Source: Big Chief Instagram @bigcheifokc)

Growing up in an environment surrounded by fast cars and the thrill of competition, it is no surprise that the boys have been influenced by their father Shearer’s love for racing. He, as a supportive and proud father, encourages and nurtures their enthusiasm, providing them with opportunities to explore their racing aspirations.

How Much Money Does Shearer Make With His Cars?

Justin Shearer, popularly known as Big Chief, has accumulated a net worth of $2 million (the estimated money spent by Jocelyn Wildenstein on her surgery) through his career as a street racer. His primary income source comes from his involvement in the world of street racing, where he has made a name for himself as an exceptional driver. He gained significant recognition as part of the reality show “Street Outlaws,” where he played the role of the race master, overseeing and organizing thrilling races among fellow street racers.

While Shearer was a key figure in “Street Outlaws,” his journey continues as he is currently a part of Midwest Street Cars, a renowned group within the street racing community. Through his participation in races and his passion for the sport, he continues to enhance his skills and expand his reach within the street racing circuit. His impressive net worth is a testament to his dedication and success in the world of street racing.

Why Did Big Chief Quit The Street Outlaws?

Justin Shearer, also known as Big Chief, left the popular show “Street Outlaws” for reasons that sparked various speculations among fans. Some believed that he departed due to a significant argument that took place on set, while others thought he retired to prioritize his family. However, he later revealed the true reason behind his departure. He explained that he disagreed with the show’s new direction, expressing a preference for it to remain “as street as possible” with a strong emphasis on racing.

Shearer felt that the production was shifting towards dramatizing events, which didn’t align with his vision for the show as mentioned in an article from Okay Bliss. His decision to step away from “Street Outlaws” demonstrated his commitment to his principles and his desire to maintain the authenticity of street racing in the series. Despite leaving the show, his legacy as Big Chief and his dedication to the street racing community continues to inspire fans around the world.

Big Chief’s Work On Television

Shearer, widely known as Big Chief, has made notable appearances on television throughout his career. In 2010, he worked on a short film titled “Seratonin Corpse 1,” as mentioned on his IMDb page, showcasing his versatility as an entertainer beyond the realm of street racing. However, it was his involvement in the popular TV series “Street Outlaws” that truly propelled him to fame.

From 2013 to 2019, Shearer portrayed the role of Big Chief in the show, captivating audiences with his racing skills and charismatic personality. The series chronicled the lives of street racers pushing the limits of speed and competition. Furthermore, in 2021, he took on a new role in the TV series “Street Outlaws: America’s List,” where he continued to bring his expertise and passion for racing to the screen. His television appearances have played a significant role in expanding his fanbase and showcasing his remarkable talent to a wider audience.

What Is Big Chief Up To Nowadays?

Today, Shearer remains an integral part of Midwest Street Cars Automotive, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This automotive establishment, known for its expertise in street racing and high-performance vehicles, has become a significant part of his life and career. Not only does he contribute his skills and knowledge to the team, but Midwest Street Cars has also found success through its engaging YouTube channel.

Big Chief is in the car riding with all his protective gears on.
Big Chief in one of his races (Source: Big Chief Instagram @bigchiefokc)

The channel, aptly named “Midwest Street Cars,” has garnered a substantial following, captivating audiences with thrilling race footage, behind-the-scenes content, and informative discussions about cars and racing. The channel’s popularity is a testament to Shearer’s ability to connect with fans and share his passion for the sport. Through Midwest Street Cars’ YouTube presence, he continues to engage and entertain a wide audience, cementing his status as an influential figure in the world of street racing.

About Big Chief’s Early Life

Justin Shearer had a unique upbringing shaped by the circumstances surrounding his parents and siblings. Unfortunately, his father passed away at a relatively early age, leaving him to be raised by his single mother. Despite the challenges they faced, his mother worked diligently, juggling her responsibilities as a full-time worker and attending nursing school. He also has a younger brother named Logan Shearer, who is a part of his close-knit family.

Shearer’s early fascination with street racing can be traced back to his childhood. At the young age of 9, he would hop on his bicycle and venture out to watch the thrilling street races taking place around Louisville. He would make his way to Old Route 66, where he would sit alongside the road, captivated by the drivers as they competed against their opponents. When he was 12 years old, his family relocated to Oklahoma, where street racing was an even more common activity. This fueled his passion for the adrenaline-fueled world of racing.


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