Updated: 04/27/2018 04:49 PM | First Published: 04/21/2018 10:57 AM

Roli Szabo left Counting Cars! What happened to Rock N Roli?


Roli Szabo, also known as Rock N Roli, is famous as of the cast of reality TV series, Counting Cars

The show, which is the third spin-off of ‘Pawn Stars,’ follows Danny Koker and his team as they customize classic automobiles and motorcycles.

Roli worked as the detailer at Koker’s customization shop, Count’s Kustoms, which is the subject of the show.

His job was to clean and polish all the vehicles that the shop works on. 

His thick Hungarian accent often acted as comic relief, making him one of the fan favorite cast of the show. 

In 2017, his specially-made trailer containing detailing equipment was stolen from the parking lot of Mango’s Beach Bar.

The surveillance camera showed the perpetrators unhooking and stealing the trailer, which had his name and face on the side.

Roli claimed that the trailer was a big part of his livelihood and was worth thousands of dollars.

Prior to joining Koker’s team, he drove an ambulance in the Army and worked at a PVC pipe company.

He even served as a bodyguard, PA and driver for the world’s smallest man, Michu Meszaros, who used to perform at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Roli, who dreamed of living in America as a kid, moved to Las Vegas in 2005, and truly reached his dreams when he joined Count’s Kustoms

It has been rumored that he was let go from the show last year and fans were expressing their dissatisfaction with his departure.

Earlier this year, a fan asked him if he settled things with Danny and Kevin Mack and if he will be returning to the show.

He replied, “The show, the network, the production company never said a word. I'm good with Danny and Kevin.”

Roli is active on social media and still posts photos and videos about his work at Count’s Kustoms.

‘Counting Cars’ finished airing its 7th season on October 31, 2017. Reports have claimed that the new season will air in June 2018.