Updated: 12/28/2016 10:50 AM | First Published: 12/27/2016 05:31 PM

There's more to Wayne Brady than stand-up comedy

Wayne Brady singing

It's not only improv comedy that Wayne Brady is known for. He made his movie debut in 2003 through a television film The Electric Piper. In 2004, he portrayed the role of Mason Wyatt in Going to the Mat. Till date he has been a part of 12 films and has acquired a lot of appreciation for his movies. Despite being part of several big projects, his movie career remains in the shadows of his television career.

The multi-talented actor is never afraid to try his hands in new projects. He introduced his singing talents to the world in 2000. He composed and sang the theme song for animated series The Weekenders. His debut single was a hit and it was quickly followed by Unsung Heroes and Between in 2004. Beautiful, Don’t Stop, Ordinary, F.W.B, and Whistle While I Work It are his other singles. 

In 2008, after the success of his singles, Brady released his first album, titled A Long Time Coming, under the label, Peak/Concord Music. The album was released on 16th September 2008 and was listed 157th in the US charts. Three years later, on 31st May 2011, Brady released his second album Radio Wayne under the Walt Disney label. His second album didn’t receive admiration similar to his first album. 

It is reported that Brady has accumulated an estimated net worth of around 10 million dollars from his career, a figure which is likely to increase in the near future.