Waylon Tripp Parker is the son of William True Stevenson. With a family tree that extends into the world of entertainment, he is the grandson of the late and legendary actress Kirstie Alley. His grandma was the late actress best known for her role as Rebecca Howe in the classic series “Cheers.”

Waylon, a bundle of joy born within the heat embrace of June 2016, is a touch mystery waiting to unfold. Despite the calendar pages turning, not much info has been unveiled about him. Like a book with its cover yet to be opened, Waylon’s story continues to be inside the early chapters, leaving the arena curious approximately the adventures that lie beforehand.

About Waylon Parents

Waylon Tripp Parker’s dad and mom, the dynamic duo of William True Stevenson and Sarah Parker, have kept their love tale a mystery. While the info about their marriage stays veiled in secrecy, the couple shares glimpses of their journey on the colorful canvas of social media.

True Stevenson is taking a selfie as Sarah Parker looks on.
Waylon Parker’s parents, True Stevenson and Sarah Parker (Source: True Parker Instagram @capt.trueparker)

With a short stroll through William and Sarah’s Instagram profiles, you can catch a photo of their adventures, and their family moments. Waylon’s father and mother, create a visual storybook for him to cherish as he grows. In this modern technology of connectivity, the digital realm will become a window into the world of his dad and mom.

Father’s Previous Failed Marriage

Before William True embarked on the adventure of parenthood with Sarah, he had a chapter with someone else. Young William, at the gentle age of 17, discovered love in high school with Lauren Sargeant,18. Their romance bloomed over a year, culminating in a marriage that brought a hint of younger enthusiasm to the canvas of their lives.

William and Lauren navigated the early waters of adulthood collectively. However, the details of how this once-promising union unraveled into the folds of time continue to be shrouded in mystery.

Has Two Younger Siblings

In the warm home of Waylon, the excitement is increased by the presence of his two younger sisters, Rebel and Kit Parker. While the stories of his sisters remain a secret, the warmth, and love that comes from their shared time is beautifully captured in the snippets found on their parents’ social media accounts.

Waylon, Rebel and Kit Parker are lying down for the picture.
Waylon Parker with his siblings, Rebel and Kit Parker (Source: Sara Parker Instagram @saraaphina)

Three little faces, each with their unique aesthetic create a visual tale of sibling friendship. Waylon, Rebel, and Kit embark on an adventure to grow up together, while their parents’ Instagram serves as a digital family album, a treasure trove of memories that tell the story of their laughter, squabbles, and their bond.

Net Worth Status Of Waylon’s Family

Waylon Tripp Parker is still a child navigating the wonders of childhood, so, let’s take a sneak peek into the wealth of his father, William True Stevenson. William, a person of the seas, has an estimated net worth of $1 million. His maritime endeavors, frequently centered on fishing, shape the cornerstone of his income.

The interesting twist to William’s story is his possession of a Fishing Charter referred to as Rebel Coast Charters. It is an undertaking that certainly reflects his passion for the open waters. In the giant ocean of life, he sails no longer to catch fish but also to reel in fulfillment, turning his love for fishing right into a flourishing commercial enterprise.

What Do We Know About Waylon’s Father?

Meet the man of the ocean, William True Stevenson. He not only captains the waves but dances with the fish as the proud owner of Rebel Coast Charters within the sunny haven of Clearwater, FL. Since wearing the identity of a USCG Licensed Captain in April 2019, he has been steering the ship with ability and passion.

William True Stevenson is posing with a hammerhead shark.
Waylon Parker’s father William True Stevenson (Source: True Parker Instagram @capt.trueparker)

William’s maritime adventure began within the coastal charm of Maine, wherein he first dipped his feet into the arena of fishing as a wide-eyed youngster. Beyond the ocean’s include, he wears another hat – that of a musician. When he is not casting lines, he is strumming chords, and you can catch snippets of his melodic moments on his Instagram, where his guitar becomes associated with the rhythm of the waves.

Father Was Adopted

The story of Waylon Tripp Parker’s father, William, provides a unique thread. His journey into embodying Kirstie Alley’s love took shape through adoption, a heartfelt preference made with the aid of the late actress and her then-husband, Parker Stevenson. The story starts in 1992 when she, having faced the heartbreak of a miscarriage in 1990, opened her heart to motherhood through adoption.

The lack of Alley’s biological baby left a profound mark, as she shared, “When the child was long past, I simply did not recover from it. Neither did my body.” Her conviction extended past grief, mainly to the adoption of William. A stunning chapter spread out in 1994 with the addition of another treasured member, Lillie, according to Today, who joined the circle of relatives via her adoption once again.

Grandson Of Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley, the late actress, etched her name within the entertainment industry with a leap-forward role as Rebecca Howe in the cherished sitcom “Cheers.” Her portrayal of Rebecca also earned her prestigious accolades—a properly-deserved Emmy Award and a Golden Globe in 1991.

Waylon’s grandma passed away on December 5, 2022, in Tampa, Florida, USA. The actress lost her battle with colon cancer, as mentioned in an article from the University of Cincinnati. She was 71 years old at the time of her passing.

Waylon’s Family Follows Scientology

Waylon Tripp Parker’s family determined solace and aid within the embrace of Scientology like Catherine Bell. His father chose to comply with the polarizing faith after a profound loss. The decision turned motivated by way of the tragic passing of William’s sister Lillie’s fiancé, Nick Trela. Nick’s life was tragically cut short in a motorbike accident.

The profound grief that followed led the family to seek consolation and recuperation through the teachings of Scientology. In instances of sorrow, on occasion, people turn to their beliefs as a supply of strength and expertise. For William, Scientology became a guiding light, imparting them a course to navigate the tough terrain of loss.


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