Updated: 01/06/2017 01:42 PM | First Published: 01/05/2017 12:52 PM

Waddy Wachtel was believed to be more than just a music director to Stevie Nicks

Waddy Wachtel and Stevie Nicks performing on stage

Just has few months left for his 70th birthday, but Waddy Wachtel seems to have prioritized his music passion more than anything in his life. He has been quite a secretive person his whole life. There have been no authentic details about whom he hooked up with in his life. Surely there might have been certainly someone, with whom he feels cozy. 

However, we do know nothing more than rumors of him dating few beautiful ladies. Reports have it that the guitarist was romantically linked with two women in his lifetime including Stevie Nicks and Connie Hamzy. Despite ongoing speculations of their relationships in social sites, there has been no confirmation on Wachtel and Stevie Nicks’ affair. However, always a friendly term have been noticed in between them.

Wachtel has mentioned in an interview that he met Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham through a common friend, Keith Olsen. The three of them became very close. Stevie Nicks contacted her old friend, Wachtel, while working on her first solo album Belladonna in order to assist her on the successful tour for the album. He has continued to work with Stevie on all her projects as Musical Director, guitarist, and harmony vocalist. She still credits him for much of her success. He also allegedly dated Connie Hamzy, an old American personality who is famous for being a Rockstar groupie on 1987.

Even though there sadly seems to be no full disclosure of details regarding his love life, reportedly he is married to a woman named Annie, who is a  Real Estate agent on Marblehead. 

Despite being majorly successful in his career, he had few controversies surrounding him. Unlike most rock stars, his controversy deals with a much darker issue, child pornography. Wachtel and his wife were arrested in 1998 on suspicion of possession of child pornography after finding felonious images, hard copies and duplicates of kiddie porn in their home. He pleaded no contest & was placed on probation for 3 years. Despite the allegations, he was defended by fellow composers and musicians. Additionally, he also faced a drug possession charge. 

Wachtel is still regarded as one the most iconic guitarists of all time. As per his net worth reported to be multimillions, we can safely assume that he did and is still doing pretty good for himself. Wachtel's passion for music and ease of adaptation toward a variety of genres has placed him in a position as one of the most in-demand session musicians throughout his career. 

Wachtel's passion for music and ease of adaptation in varieties of genres has placed him in a position as one of the most in-demand session musicians. With a documentary titled King of Sidemen filmmaker Gary Simson is telling the untold story of Waddy Wachtel and unsung heroes of rock and roll.