Updated: 01/09/2017 12:48 PM | First Published: 01/09/2017 07:52 AM

Vivian Brown has never let her fans know about her husband and kids

Meteorologist Vivian Brown recalling her days at Jackson State University

Vivian hasn't talked anything about her personal stuff, neither about her early life nor married life. Even we don't how old she is and when she celebrates her birthday.  Popular American-born meteorologist said goodbye to The Weather Channel after serving for 3 decades.

We know the facts that celebrities live in a bowl of glass and are always under the scrutiny of the prying eyes from all sides. So, there remains no chance of keeping things private for them being a public figure. However, the context differs in Brown’s case. The gorgeous women, who remained in front of public eyes for whole three decades has become successful in making her personal life matters inaccessible to the public. 

However, we are quite sure to the fact that she is a married woman and is a mother of three. Rather than making public appearances with her husband and children, Brown probably loves staying off-camera whenever she is with her family. Maybe, she doesn't want to be in headlines for even minor happenings in her life. Till date, she hasn't even revealed a single photo featuring her family neither her husband’s and kids’ identity.

Other than her long devotion to The Weather Channel, Brown’s delightful personality has also made her recognizable. Charming face, black eyes, short black hair and sensual body sported in body-defining outfits, all these things combined to make her eye-catching personality. Tall height of 5 feet 11 inches and balanced body weight of 63 kg complemented her attractive body measurements (exact body statistics is unknown).

As she is a journalist by profession, no doubt, her wardrobe choices are beautiful. She used to be seen often showing off her pair of hot legs during her show. She hasn't publicized pictures of her posing in bikini or swimsuit. No news of her undergoing any artificial methods of beauty enhancements have ever surfaced in media. Maybe, the mother of three has managed to stay sane, with scheduled exercises and healthy diets. 

Her detailed biography is accessible in the wiki. Stay updated through her official Twitter, @vivianbrown.