Victoria Spader used to be married to James Spader. He is an actor, famous for acting in TV shows such as “The Blacklist” and “Boston Legal.”

Victoria’s birth name is Victoria Elizabeth Kheel. She was born on June 1, 1959, in Rochester, New York, USA. The former celebrity wife has maintained a low-profile life today. Let’s see what we know about her.

Previously Married To James Spader

Victoria Spader was previously married to James Spader. She first met him while they were both working as yoga teachers in New York City during the 1980s. Their love story blossomed, leading to their marriage in 1987.

James Spader is wearing a suit, hat, glasses and a white shirt.
Victoria Spader’s ex-husband, James Spader (Source: Pinterest)

For nearly two decades, Victoria and James shared their lives. The two experienced the ups and downs that come with any relationship. Despite their public presence, they kept the details of their marriage and its eventual end in 2004, private.

Net Worth Status

Victoria Spader’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. She is actively engaged in the home staging and interior design business. She has chosen not to disclose specific details about her financial status.

Ex-husband, James Spader, boasts a significant net worth of $30 million. It primarily stems from his successful acting career. His work in the TV series “The Blacklist” has been a major source of income for him. In the earlier seasons of the show, he earned an impressive $160,000 per episode. As the series progressed and gained more popularity, his salary saw a substantial increase, with earnings of $300,000 per episode for seasons 7 through 10.

Have Two Kids Together

Victoria and James are parents to two sons: Sebastian and Elijah. Sebastian Spader was born in 1989. He has pursued a career as a Realtor at The Agency. He received his education from Harvard Westlake and New York University.

Elijah Spader is taking a selfie sitting in his studio.
Victoria Spader’s son, Elijah Spader (Source: Instagram @elijahspader)

In the past, Sebastian explored various roles within the film industry. He has gained experience in both the camera and editorial departments.

Victoria’s youngest son, Elijah Spader was born in 1992. Elijah graduated from the Los Angeles Film School with a degree in Audio Production. Following his graduation, he embarked on a career as a re-recording mix technician in the industry.

What Does James Ex-Wife Do Today?

Victoria is currently immersed in her entrepreneurial venture. She owns and operates a real estate company called Wonderland Home Design, based in California.

The company specializes in home staging services for real estate properties. Wonderland Home Design is dedicated to transforming houses, condominiums, and townhouses into appealing and inviting spaces for potential buyers.

About Victoria’s Family

Victoria’s family has a strong military background. Both of her parents, Julian and Lee Kheel, served their country with pride. They were deeply committed to their military service, especially during World War II.

Julian and Lee Kheel are posing in their military uniform.
Victoria Spader’s parents, Julian and Lee Kheel (Source: Pinterest)

Julian, now rests at Arlington Cemetery, a place of honor for those who have served in the armed forces. Despite their passing, Victoria cherishes the memory of her parents. She holds onto tangible reminders of her mother’s service, including her military uniforms. She passed away on August 6, 2009.

Previously Worked As A Set Decorator

Before venturing into home staging, Victoria Spader had a successful career as a set decorator in the film industry. Her expertise and creativity were evident in her work on various film projects.

Victoria served as an art department coordinator for the 1988 film “Jack’s Back.” Additionally, she contributed her talents as a set decorator for the acclaimed 1989 film “Sex, Lies, and Videotape,” which starred her ex-husband, James Spader, in the lead role.

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About James Spader

James Spader is a highly acclaimed actor. With his distinctive acting style and versatility, he has earned critical acclaim and accolades, including a prime-time Emmy Award.

James is perhaps best known for his iconic roles as Alan Shore in “Boston Legal” and Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington in “The Blacklist.” He made history by becoming the first performer to win a Leading Drama Actor Emmy Award for portraying the same character, Alan Shore, on two different series: “The Practice” and “Boston Legal.”

While James is celebrated for his talent, he is also known for his reputation of being difficult to work with. However, he has defended his demanding and idiosyncratic personality, attributing it to his “very, very strong obsessive-compulsive issues.” As reported in Rolling Stone, he believes that his unique approach to his craft enhances his work.

Current Relationship

Since her divorce from James Spader, Victoria has chosen to keep a low profile when it comes to her relationships. However, he has moved on and is currently in a relationship with Leslie Stefanson. The two became involved in 2002, reportedly meeting while working together on the film “The Stickup.”

James a Leslie’s collaboration continued into the following year with the movie “Alien Hunter.” Despite their public appearances together, he has opted not to disclose much about the specifics of their relationship. This decision reflects his desire for privacy in matters like this.


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