Trudy Buck is the daughter of Joe Buck, who works as a sportscaster for ESPN. Her dad, Joe, talks about exciting sports events on TV. He mostly talks about football and baseball games in the National Football League and Major League Baseball. She must be proud of her dad, sharing the thrill of the games with people all over the country.

Trudy is in the movie business! She helps out as a Director’s Assistant, in other words, she helps the director make movies. Maybe she sets up the scenes or helps actors understand their roles. She knows a lot about acting too – she’s done it before! Being in movies must be fun.

Relationship Status

Trudy Buck is flying solo in the love department! She hasn’t been in any relationships before, and she likes to keep her personal life away from the public eye. Instead of worrying about romance, she puts all her energy into her job and career.

Trudy Buck is wearing a white ribbon and a white shirt in the picture.
Trudy Buck when she was young (Source: Julie Buck Facebook)

Maybe Buck’s passionate about her work or has big dreams she wants to chase. Whatever the reason, it’s pretty cool that she’s so focused on her career. Some people find happiness in their jobs, and maybe she is one of them. It’s nice that she’s doing what makes her happy!

Net Worth Status

Trudy Buck is doing pretty well for herself! Her net worth is estimated to be around $100,000. She earns her money by working as a director’s assistant and has even dabbled in acting in the past. Even though the exact amount she earns isn’t known because her salary is kept private, it’s clear she’s doing something she loves and making a living out of it.

Trudy’s dad, Joe Buck, is quite the big shot! He’s famous for his work as a sportscaster and is the lead announcer for Monday Night Football on ESPN. Joe has worked hard, and his success is reflected in his net worth, which is an impressive $35 million, similar to Greta Van Susteren. That’s a lot of money! His job as a sportscaster brings in his income.

Trudy’s Parents Are No Longer A Couple

Trudy’s family went through some changes. Her parents, Joe Buck, and Anna Buck/ Archambault are not together anymore. Joe met Anna when they were both just kids in middle school. They fell in love and got married on January 23, 1993. They must have had lots of happy moments together.

Joe Buck is taking a selfie wearing a black cap.
Trudy Buck’s father, Joe Buck (Source: Joe Buck Instagram @joebuck)

However, sometimes things don’t work out the way we hope, and in the year Kris Ford and Stephanie Ford married, i.e., in 2011, Trudy’s parents decided to go their separate ways and got divorced. It’s a reminder that life can be complicated, even for grown-ups. Families change, but what’s important is the love they share, even if they’re not together anymore.

Done Producing, Cinematography, And Editing Works

Trudy isn’t just sticking to one role in the film world; she’s exploring various aspects of movie-making. She’s been behind the scenes as a producer, making sure everything comes together smoothly. Plus, she’s shown her skills as a cinematographer, capturing the perfect shots that make a film visually stunning. She has also tried her hand at editing, piecing together scenes to create a compelling story.

One of her projects, a short film called “Music For Plants,” saw Trudy working as both an editor and cinematographer, as mentioned on her IMDb page. She also contributed her cinematography expertise to another short film called “The Hockeystick.” On top of all that, she even produced a short film called “The Memory Palace.” It’s amazing how versatile and talented she is, jumping into different roles and making her mark in the world of cinema.

Has Both Biological And Step-Siblings

Biological Sister

Trudy Buck has a sister named Natalie Buck, and she’s pretty amazing too! She is a talented actress. But that’s not all – she’s also worked as a telecommunication engineer, which sounds impressive. She even went to college and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in broadcast journalism. That means she knows a lot about news and storytelling.

Natalie Buck is posing in a black dress and holding a black bag in her hand.
Trudy Buck’s sister Natalie Buck (Source: Natalie Buck Instagram @nattiebuck)


Natalie is spreading her wings in the entertainment world! She’s dipped her toes into acting and has appeared in some shows and movies like “Blue Bloods,” “Marry Me,” “Superstore,” and “Wilde Flowers.” That’s pretty cool, right? It means she’s been on TV and on the big screen, making people laugh, cry, or maybe even both. She also has her podcast called Causing A Scene.


Trudy’s family grew when her dad, Joe, got married again to Michelle Beisner. Now, she has two stepbrothers named Wyatt and Blake Bucks. What’s even more special is that they are twins, born in April 2018. That means the brothers probably get along as friends and have a lot of fun together.

Having siblings, whether they’re step-siblings or not, can mean more laughter, more adventures, and more people to share life’s ups and downs with. It’s nice to think about all the love and joy they must bring into Trudy’s life!

Trudy’s Education Background

Trudy is pretty smart – she worked hard and earned herself a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. That’s a big deal! She must have spent a lot of time learning all about making movies and TV shows. Imagine all the cool things she must have studied, from camera tricks to storytelling techniques.

Trudy Buck is wearing her graduation gown and holding flowers on her hand.
Trudy Buck with her father, Joe Buck at the graduation (Source: Joe Buck Instagram @joebuck

Trudy was at USC from 2018 to 2022, which means she put in four years of effort to get her degree. Going to college is a big step, and it looks like she made the most out of it. With her education and passion, she’s probably all set to do some amazing things in the film and television industry!

What Does Joe Buck’s Daughter Do For A Living?

Trudy Buck is making a name for herself in the entertainment world! Right now, she’s working as a director’s assistant at Apple TV+. How exciting is that? She’s been with the company since August 2022, which means she’s fairly new to the job. But hey, she must be doing something right to be part of such a big platform. Her work is based in New York, a city known for its bustling entertainment scene.

Trudy’s worked assisting in the making of the second season of Apple TV+’s original series “Severance.” That show was created by Dan Erickson and directed by the incredible Ben Stiller. Being involved in a series like that must be a dream come true for someone passionate about TV and film. It sounds like Joe’s daughter is on a fantastic journey in her career!

Has Done Some Internships In The Past

Before her current role at Apple TV+, Trudy Buck gained valuable experience in the entertainment industry through internships. For six months, from January to June 2022, she worked as a Development and Acquisitions Intern at A24 in New York. A24 is a prestigious film company, so that must have been an exciting opportunity.

Trudy also spent four months, from May to August 2021, as a General and Publicity Intern at NEON, another cool company. These internships probably taught her a lot about how movies are made and promoted. It’s great to see how she’s been putting in the effort to learn and grow in her field. Those experiences must have given her a lot of insight into the movie business!

Has Some Acting Experiences

Trudy isn’t just working behind the scenes; she’s had a taste of the spotlight too! In the 2015 film “Marshall’s Miracle,” she played a character named Chelsea. How cool is that? Acting in a movie must have been an exciting experience for her. It’s like stepping into someone else’s shoes and telling a story through acting.

Trudy’s passion for acting started way back in seventh grade, and she stuck with it for four years, taking lessons and diving into the world of performance, as reported on the USC Cinema Arts Website. But here’s the interesting part – she didn’t stop at acting. She wanted to understand the whole movie-making process, so she explored different roles behind the scenes too. It’s pretty inspiring how she took the initiative to learn about directing and other aspects of filmmaking, especially when there weren’t many resources available.


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