Tomeka Thiam is the legal wife of Akon, the talented Senegalese-American artist. He is a singer, rapper, and producer who has gained worldwide recognition for his chart-topping hits such as “Smack That,” “Lonely,” and “Right Now.”

Tomeka, formerly known as Tomeka Robinson, is among the wives of Akon, who practices polygamy. Born in July 1975, she brings her unique background and experiences to her role as part of the singer’s extended family.

Married To Akon

Tomeka Thiam and Akon’s love story began when they first crossed paths at a party in 1993. At that time, she was 18 years old, and he was 20. Little did they know that this meeting would mark the beginning of a relationship that has spanned around three decades.

Akon is wearing a pink clothes as he is posing with praying his hands.
Tomeka Thiam’s husband, Akon (Source: Akon Instagram @akon)

The details of Thiam and Akon’s marriage remain somewhat unclear. But, what is evident is the enduring bond they share. While the specifics of their marriage may be private, their enduring connection is a testament to the strength of their relationship.

Thiam Isn’t Akon’s Only Partner

While Thiam holds the title of Akon’s legal wife, it’s noteworthy that she isn’t his only partner. The “Lonely” singer has been rumored to practice polygamy, having multiple wives. Although, he has officially introduced only a few to the public. Alongside her, three other female celebrities are known to be associated with him as his wives: Rozina Negusei, Amirah-Iman Thiam, and Tricia Anna.

Rozina Negusei

Rozina Brook Negusei is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. She was born on January 2, 1978, in South Wollo, Dessie Amhara Region, Ethiopia.

Akon is wearing a white robe and Rozina Negusei is wearing a black dress.
Akon and Rozina Negusei with Abdu Rozik (Source: Rozina Negusei Instagram @rozybn)

Rozina holds the prestigious position of President & CEO at En-Treeg Records. Her role as a leader in the entertainment business highlights her dedication to fostering talent and creating opportunities for artistic expression.

Amirah-Iman Thiam

Amirah-Iman Thiam hails from Harlem, Columbia County, Georgia, USA. Emerging as a recording artist and rapper, she has carved her niche in the music industry. She is known by her music name AMIRROR.

Amirah-Iman Thiam is wearing a pink dress with a glittery golden dress around her head.
Amirah-Iman Thiam at The Fillmore Minneapolis (Source: Amirah-Iman Thiam Instagram @sincerelyamirror)

Amirah-Iman is not only recognized for her solo work but has also ventured into collaborations. She has teamed up with her husband, Akon, on the song “Far Away.”

Tricia Anna

Tricia Anna has worn multiple hats in the entertainment industry. Starting as a former urban model, she transitioned into the role of an A&R (Artists and Repertoire) representative for Mor Thiam’s son, esteemed label, Konvict Muzik. In this capacity, she likely played a crucial role in scouting and developing new talent within the music scene.

Tricia Anna is sitting with her handbag wearing a white versace shirt and black leather pant.
One of Akon’s partners, Tricia Anna (Source: Tricia Anna Instagram @tricia_ana)

Additionally, Tricia stepped into the limelight as a supporting cast member in Season 6 of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” This reality television platform allowed her to share more aspects of her life with the audience.

Net Worth Status

Tomeka Thiam has also made her mark in her professional endeavors. While her estimated net worth is around $500,000, she has demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit by being associated with the salon “Salon a la Saison.” Additionally, she has ventured into the music business, serving as a record label executive.

Akon’s financial success is evident with an impressive net worth of $40 million. He primarily sourced it from his thriving music career. Having sold over 35 million albums worldwide, his impact on the music industry is substantial. However, his entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond music.

Notable among them is Konvict Clothing, a fashion line that reflects Thiam’s husband’s sense of style and creativity. In addition to his clothing line, Akon has his record label, Konvict Muzik, and cryptocurrency with Akoin, as mentioned in an article from Billionaires Africa. All of this has contributed significantly to his wealth.

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Shares Few Kids With Her Singer Husband

Thiam enjoys sharing glimpses of her family life on Instagram. Especially her precious moments with their two sons and two daughters. Their eldest son, Alioune, was welcomed into the world in 1996, followed by the birth of Jhavor in 2001.

Tomeka Thiam kids are eating at the restaurant.
Tomeka Thiam kids with their uncle, Bu Thiam (Source: Tomeka Thiam Instagram

Journey, Tomeka’s daughter, brought joy to the family in 2006. And, Alianna completed their quartet when she was born in 2007. Her love for her children shines through in her social media posts, where she captures and shares the everyday adventures, milestones, and heartwarming moments of their family life.

Was Akon’s Wife In Real Housewives of Atlanta?

There was a brief moment when rumors circulated that Tomeka Thiam would be joining the cast of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” for Season 14. However, this speculation turned out to be incorrect and was merely a rumor.

Reports suggested that Tomeka had been cast by producers to potentially replace either Porsha Williams or Cynthia Bailey, as mentioned in an article from Radar. To set the record straight, Akon’s wife took to Instagram to clarify that the story was entirely false.

What Does Tomeka Thiam Do?

Tomeka Thiam wears several professional hats. She is the owner of Salon a la Saison in Buckhead, Atlanta, establishing herself in the beauty industry.

Additionally, Tomeka has been involved in the music business. She has worked with the BuVision recording label alongside Akon’s brother, Bu Thiam. While her previous association with the record label is known, it remains unclear whether she is still actively involved.


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