Tom Scott is an English YouTuber and web developer who has gained popularity by creating educational videos on a wide variety of subjects. His videos cover diverse topics such as history, geography, linguistics, and science. With a knack for making complex concepts easy to understand, his content is appreciated by viewers of all ages.

Scott was born on November 26, 1984, making him a Sagittarius. He hails from England, which is his birthplace. As a Sagittarius, Tom is known for his adventurous and curious nature. It’s no surprise that his passion for knowledge and his adventurous spirit are reflected in his educational videos, where he takes his viewers on fascinating journeys through history, geography, linguistics, and science.

Relationship Status

Tom Scott’s relationship status remains single, as he has not disclosed any information about personal relationships. There are no previous records available regarding his romantic partnerships. The YouTuber prefers to keep his personal life private and separate from his online presence.

Tom Scott is wearing a mask in this selfie
Tom Scott taking a selfie in the Tube (Source: Tom Scott Instagram @tomscottgo)

By maintaining this privacy, Scott focuses on creating educational content for his viewers without any distractions. His decision to keep his relationship status undisclosed allows him to maintain a sense of privacy and focus on his passion for creating informative videos. His dedication to his craft and commitment to delivering quality educational content has made him a respected figure in the YouTube community.

Education Background Of The YouTuber

Tom Scott has a solid educational background. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of York, (the University that Phil Lester has also studied at) where he delved into the fascinating study of language and its structures. His bachelor’s degree provided him with a solid foundation in understanding the complexities of human communication.

Furthermore, Tom went on to pursue a research master’s degree in Educational Studies, which allowed him to explore the field of education in-depth. This advanced degree equipped him with the knowledge and skills to analyze educational practices and theories critically. With his educational background in linguistics and educational studies, he possesses a solid academic foundation that undoubtedly contributes to the quality and depth of his educational videos.

Net Worth Status Of Tom Scott

Tom Scott is estimated to have a net worth of around $6.5 million, similar to Drew Lachey. He earns a significant portion of his income through the YouTube Partner Program. This program allows him to earn revenue from advertisements displayed on his videos. With his large following and consistently high viewership, His estimated monthly earnings from YouTube alone are around $75,000. It’s important to note that this figure is an estimation and doesn’t include earnings from other business deals and ventures.

Tom Scott is holding a huge stick as he is wearing a VR headset
Tom Scott having fun in virtual reality (Source: Tom Scott Instagram @tomscottgo)

In addition to his YouTube career, Tom is also an entrepreneur. He owns a company called Pad 26 Limited, which specializes in content production, format development, and YouTube consultancy. Through this company, he expands his expertise and provides services to others in the online content creation industry.

Scott Once Jokingly Ran For The MP

Scott added an amusing twist to the 2010 UK general election when he humorously ran as a candidate named “Mad Cap’n Tom.” Standing as an independent pirate, he embraced the opportunity to participate in the electoral process in a lighthearted manner. The officers overseeing the Cities of London and Westminster constituency even allowed him to cast his vote while donning his pirate costume.

Interestingly, despite the playful nature of his campaign, Scott’s 84 votes were outnumbered by the candidate representing the Pirate Party UK, who secured 90 votes as mentioned in an article from The Guardian. The outcome of the election added an unexpected layer of humor and irony to his brief foray into politics, demonstrating the quirkiness and unpredictability of electoral contests.

Tom Scott Is A YouTuber

Scott is a popular YouTuber with a channel bearing his name, which has amassed an impressive following of over 6 million subscribers. His channel is known for its educational content, covering a wide range of topics. The majority of his videos delve into subjects such as linguistics, real-life experiences, and computer science. The most popular video on his channel is, “This Video Has xxx Views,” where he keeps changing the title of his video as the viewers increase.

Tom Scott is inside a massive bubble
Tom Scott at the YouTube Space event (Source: Tom Scott Instagram @tomscottgo

Scott’s channel features several popular series that his viewers eagerly anticipate, including “Things You Might Not Know,” where he shares fascinating and lesser-known facts, “Amazing Places,” where he explores great locations, “The Basics,” which provides fundamental explanations of various concepts, and “Built for Science,” which delves into engineering marvels.

In addition to his main channel, Scott has three other tracks: Tom Scott Plus, The Technical Difficulties, and Lateral with Tom Scott. These additional channels allow him to explore different content formats and engage with his audience on various platforms. Overall, his educational and entertaining videos have made him a beloved figure in the YouTube community.

Has Written Books And Made Music

Scott’s creative endeavors extend beyond his YouTube channel. He has explored the world of literature by writing a few books. Impressively, he wrote his first book at the tender age of 6, showcasing his early passion for storytelling. While specific details about his books are not mentioned, it is evident that his writing journey began at a young age.

Additionally, Scott has dabbled in the realm of music and has produced a total of seven music videos at the time of this writing. These music videos are likely an extension of his artistic expression and allow him to engage with his audience through a different medium. His ventures into writing and music highlight his diverse talents and his willingness to explore various creative outlets beyond his successful YouTube career.

Scott Is Leaving YouTube (For Now)

Tom Scott surprised his viewers on June 30, 2023, when he uploaded a short video on his main YouTube channel titled, Six months from now, this channel stops,” as mentioned in an article from Dexerto. In this video update, he shared the news that he will be taking an indefinite break from his YouTube channel. This announcement came after consistently publishing a video every week for an impressive ten years.

However, Scott made it clear that this break is not a permanent farewell. He mentioned that there are still 26 videos remaining in his regular Monday format, and he is open to suggestions from viewers regarding video topics. He expressed a particular interest in exploring places that hold personal significance to his audience, such as where they work, volunteer, or study.

Recognizing the volume of messages he will receive, Scott acknowledged that he may be unable to reply to all of them. He assured his viewers that his podcast, Lateral, will continue, and they can expect video highlights and a weekly newsletter as well. He also hinted at future content on other channels, although those plans are still in the early stages.

The Time Scott Didn’t Make A Minecraft Video

There was a time when Scott had plans to create a Minecraft video. He had been preparing for it for months, but unfortunately, he encountered a significant issue. The Minecraft server that he intended to feature in the video, which was set up by a charity, had become overrun with players engaging in inappropriate behavior, such as using racial slurs and other offensive language. This was surprising since the server had claimed to have moderation in place.

Upon discovering the state of the server, Scott made the difficult decision to cancel his plans to create the video. It was disappointing turn of events that prevented him from showcasing the Minecraft server and sharing its positive aspects with his audience. His commitment to promoting a safe and inclusive online environment led him to prioritize the well-being of his viewers and steer clear of content that could potentially perpetuate harmful behavior.

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