Tom Bessamra came to the spotlight for being the husband of Marcheline Bertrand. Marcheline was a late American actress and humanitarian by her profession. Also, Bessamra is known for being the stepfather of actress Angelina Jolie and actor James Haven.

Bessamra might be working a simple job for a living but hasn’t revealed the job title. Moreover, he is possibly living as a single in California, USA. Keep reading to get more information about the celebrity husband.

Short Bio of Tom Bessamra

Tom Bessamra has not shared his actual date of birth, but he looks running in his early 60s. Moreover, he kept his parent’s info hidden from the limelight. Bessamra is a person who prefers to live a low-key life. He hasn’t shared his educational background also. However, his wife graduated from college.

Tom Bessamra's wife, Marcheline Bertrand, and wife's kids, Anelina and James.
Tom Bessamra’s wife, Marcheline Bertrand, and wife’s kids, Anelina and James. Source: Pinterest

Bessamra doesn’t have kids with Marcheline Bertrand. But The actress was blessed with two kids with her first husband, Jon Voight. He might like to live without any kids. Thus, he didn’t make at least one, even spending seven years with his wife.

Married life of Tom Bessamra

Tom Bessamra married the late American actress Marcheline Bertrand in 2002. Moreover, Bessamra dated the actress for two years and hitched up. The reason why they didn’t welcome kids is yet to be revealed. Some sites claim that the former couple welcomed kids but stayed silent.

The late actress shared a picture wearing blue lens on eyes.
Bessamra’s wife Marcheline clicked a picture when she wore a blue lens on her eye.
Source: Pinterest

The couple lived a healthy, joyful, and happy vitality. They were sure to be loyal to their wedding vows. However, the actress couldn’t live longer than 56 age. Tom didn’t marry any other women after losing Marcheline. However, the actress has previously married an actor and welcomed two children.

Relationship between Tom and his stepchildren

As mentioned previously, Tom Bessamra is the stepfather of Angelina Jolie. Although the actress is a stepdaughter of Bessamra, she shares a decent relationship with her stepfather. There is no info regarding the actress and Tom’s connection.

Since Marcheline Bertrand got divorced from her first husband, the actress had a tumultuous connection with her father. Also, Jolie doesn’t talk with her father. The reason is she feels uncomfortable being around her dad. Hence, she stopped talking with Jon Voight and legally dropped his surname, Voight, on September 2004.

Bessamra’s wife died without welcoming kids with him

Tom Bessamra hasn’t shared any info about not making kids. However, Bessamara’s wife physically looked incapable of giving birth to kids due to ovarian cancer. Tom hasn’t officially revealed it, but assessing his wife’s health condition, this reason can be considered the main problem.

The 90s picture of Marcheline and her daughter, Angelina.
An old picture of Tom’s wife, Marcheline, and the stepdaughter Angelina. Source: Instagram

The actress was cautious about her fitness. Also, she didn’t look physically poor, but shockingly, she died due to breast and ovarian cancer disease. She died at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The former actress died at 56 age. Tom Bessamra is still living as unmarried after his wife died.

The net worth of the celebrity husband, Bessamra

As a celebrity husband, Tom Bessamra has an estimated net worth of around $100,000. Moreover, he might reveal his profession in the future. Some sites claim that the retired shoulder has got the Decedent’s Estate of his wife and is living a luxurious life.

Bertrand shared the old picture with her daughter Angelina.
The oldest picture is of Bessamra’s wife, the late actress Bertrand, and her actress daughter, Jolie.
Source: Instagram

Tom has vehicles but doesn’t have luxury automobiles. However, his stepdaughter, Angelina Jolie, has many luxury cars and jets. Jolie’s vehicles, with their prices, are mentioned below. The actress has V12 BMW Hydrogen 7(2 million), BMW i3 hatch($44,450), SUVs( $50,000), Jaguar XJ L($86,500), and Mercedes-Benz S-Class($229,000) also, a private Jet Cirrus SR22 ($779,900) and also bought a Helicopter for then-fiancé Brad Pitt back, spending $1.6 million.

Bessamra’s wife had an estimated net worth of 5$ million when she died. Also, her daughter, and Tom’s stepdaughter, actress Jolie has approximately $120 million. Likewise, Tom’s stepson, actor James Haven has around $2 million net worth.