Updated: 12/18/2016 02:53 PM | First Published: 12/18/2016 11:57 AM

A yoga fanatic, Tom Bergeron is married to Lois Bergeron

Tom Bergeron sitting with his legs crossed

If you haven’t noticed yet, Tom Bergeron is much well-maintained for his age. At 61, one would expect to see saggy waist lines and wrinkled skin. Tom, however, is an anomaly. Secrets to his slim toned waist and energetic on-screen vibe are his regular visits to gym. Tom maintains vigorous work outs – four to five days per week.  He remarked that he got into workouts, meditation and yoga specifically after “years of struggling with anger management”. Paraphrasing his words, Tom gets from meditation and yoga, “what a religious person experiences in prayer or at church. A peaceful, unexplainable zen.”

Tom remarked in an interview that his anger and stress were “killing [him], figuratively and literally”. He feared that he would lose his job and family to mounting anxiety. Ending on a hilarious note, he mentioned how wrong it was that his audience took him as a “calm, level headed guy”. One good that audience expectations did do was to push him to undertake meditation and yoga classes.

Tom married Lois Bergeron in May 1982. Despite Tom’s immense popularity, his wife, and two children prefer to stay away from media spotlight. Sources claim that the only time Tom was publicly seen with wife Lois was in a 2014 after-party of DWTS Finale in Beverly Hills. Tom has two daughters with Lois - Samantha and Jessica Bergeron. Tom’s family resides in Greenwich, Connecticut.