Updated: 12/18/2016 02:25 PM | First Published: 12/17/2016 12:26 PM

Tom Bergeron's thoughts on Dancing with the Stars and live show hacks

Tom Bergeron, in a formal suit, asking reviews for Meryl and Maksim's dance performance

In 2005, Tom Bergeron began hosting the ABC reality series, Dancing with the Stars. His sharp sense of humor and sense of timing compliment the Dancing with the Stars theme, making him one of the prolific hosts ever.

The dance show can be physically grueling. So, it is surprising to the host that although celebs must know the conditions by now, some contestants are still inexperienced about the process.

In an interview with the Washington Post in 2016, Bergeron said, “It’s interesting to me, given all the years we’ve been on, how many of them still stunned a few weeks in about how much is required to be really competitive in terms of learning dance steps.” He says that deeper the participants are into a run, the more likely he/she will have to learn the multiple dances for the show as it gets into quarters, semis & finals.

In a different interview, on being asked about his entertainment career, Tom replied that he first realized he was good with show business when he landed a large taxable salary at Boston-based WBZ-TV.  He had been hired to host “three different formats: a kid's show on the weekend, daytime programming on the weekdays and the lottery drawings at night”.

Tom also gave some live TV show hacks during his interview. He mentioned how he is careful not to “expend” his energy, at least two hours before show time. He remarked that he peaks “for the day” after conserving his “creative energetic spurts like five hours earlier”. Always a good idea to lie down and sink in thoughts!

He has famously remarked that he is improvising every moment on the show. He says, “the first rule of [improvisation], as I was taught it, is you say yes to everything. You don’t tense up.” He has 264K followers at @Tom_Bergeron.