Tj Hunt, a popular YouTuber, creates engaging videos all about cars and trucks. His real name is Thomas Hunt, born on December 28, 1994. He spent his early years in Montreal, Canada, surrounded by the city’s beauty. However, as he got older, he decided to chase his dreams and moved to sunny San Diego, California.

Hunt’s YouTube channel is a hit, with more than 2.2 million people subscribing to watch his exciting content. He takes his viewers on thrilling journeys, exploring the world of automobiles and sharing his passion for all things automotive. Through his videos, the car enthusiast not only showcases his love for cars but also inspires others to follow their passions.

Hunt’s Relationship Status

Tj Hunt is currently in a relationship with Sabrina Leamon, a woman who shares his love for cars and bikes. He introduced his girlfriend to his followers in a YouTube video released on December 17, 2016. They have known each other since their high school days. She hails from San Diego, California, and is also quite active on social media, where she influences and connects with her following.

Tj Hunt and Sabrina Leamon are sitting on the couch talking to the camera.
Tj Hunt with his girlfriend, Sabrina Leamon (Source: Tj Hunt YouTube Channel)

Just like Hunt, Leamon has a passion for automobiles and enjoys sharing her experiences and interests with her online community. Their shared love for vehicles and the automotive world has undoubtedly brought them closer. She is also a brain cancer survivor. She faced a challenging situation during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when she was diagnosed with a grade II diffuse glioma, which is a type of slow-growing brain cancer.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Leamon underwent brain surgery to address the tumor. Thanks to the skill and dedication of her medical team, they were able to successfully remove nearly all of the tumor, leaving only four percent behind. This surgical achievement significantly improved her prognosis, extending her expected survival from 22 months to an impressive 15 years. Her journey showcases her strength and determination in overcoming adversity and continuing to inspire others through her experiences.

Net Worth Of The YouTuber

Tj Hunt has achieved a noteworthy net worth of $2 million, primarily stemming from his successful career on YouTube. With a consistent uploading schedule of around 10 videos per month, he garners an impressive average of 250,000 views each month on his content. His dedicated following and engaging videos allow him to earn a substantial income, making at least $45,000 monthly from ad revenue alone.

Beyond his YouTube journey, Hunt has ventured into entrepreneurship with two distinct ventures. Firstly, he established Hunt & Company, a clothing brand that resonates with his fans. Additionally, he is the driving force behind Street Hunter Designs, a business that specializes in crafting customized modifications for cars, showcasing his passion for automotive creativity and innovation. These endeavors, combined with his thriving YouTube presence, have contributed to his remarkable financial success and diverse accomplishments.

About Tj Hunt YouTube Channel

Hunt’s YouTube journey began on November 26, 2009, and since then, his channel has amassed an impressive total of over 667 million views. Among his array of captivating content, one video stands out as particularly popular: “Building a Mazda Rx-7 in 10 Minutes!” which has garnered an astounding 4.9 million views. With a substantial subscriber count of over 2.2 million, he has built a strong and engaged community.

Tj Hunt is in garage talking to the camera.
Tj Hunt in one of his videos (Source: Tj Hunt YouTube Channel)

Hunt’s channel boasts a diverse range of videos, all centered around the fascinating world of automobiles. His creative talents shine as he takes on challenges like rebuilding various car brands including Audis, Mustangs, and Ferraris. Moreover, his channel is a hub for car enthusiasts, offering engaging car vlogs, coverage of car events and meets, and informative how-to videos. Through his YouTube platform, he has successfully shared his passion for cars while connecting with a global audience of fellow automobile aficionados.

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Didn’t Start Out Making Car Videos

Tj Hunt’s journey on YouTube had a different beginning than one might expect. In the early days, his content wasn’t centered around cars; instead, he focused on paintball, as mentioned on his Wikitubia Fandom page. Some of his early videos feature thrilling paintball escapades, and even now, a few of those paintball videos can still be found on his channel.

Beyond paintball action, Hunt also explored other interests, showcasing videos where he unboxes different guns and shares shooting practice sessions. This diverse range of content reflects his evolving interests and passions over time, and while he has since become synonymous with car-related content, his channel’s origins offer a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic creator that he is.

Hunt’s Other Businesses

Apart from his successful YouTube channel, Hunt has ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship with two thriving businesses. One of these enterprises is Hunt and Company, a venture initiated by Tj himself. This brand serves as a platform for him to offer a range of branded merchandise, including T-shirts, hats, hoodies, bottoms, socks, and various accessories.

Tj Hunt is showing the black T-shirt in his garage.
Tj Hunt with his Hunt & Company Merch (Source: Hunt & Company Instagram @thehuntandcompany)

The creation of Hunt and Company not only allows Hunt’s fans to connect with his brand on a personal level but also serves as a tribute to the unwavering support he has received from his dedicated fan base throughout his journey. This business endeavor exemplifies his ability to connect with his audience beyond digital content, providing them with tangible products that reflect his identity and style.

In 2019, Hunt embarked on a new and exciting venture by collaborating with a skilled designer to establish Street Hunter Designs. This innovative initiative is dedicated to crafting and distributing custom body kits tailored for a diverse range of automobiles. Their inaugural creation was a bespoke kit designed for the Mark V Toyota Supra, marking the beginning of their journey in the automotive modification industry, as mentioned in an article from Drive and Review.

Youngest Of The Three Siblings

Hunt holds a special place as the youngest member of his family, growing up alongside his brother and sister. His brother, Chris, is a dedicated surfer who has embraced the waves throughout his life, showcasing impressive skills and a deep connection with the ocean. He has always admired his brother’s passion for surfing, finding inspiration in his unwavering dedication.

On the other hand, Hunt’s sister, Kim, has pursued a different path as a marine biologist. Her fascination with marine life has led her to explore the mysteries of the ocean and contribute to its conservation. These unique interests and accomplishments of his siblings have undoubtedly influenced the YouTuber’s journey, shaping his perspective and inspiring him in various ways.

Life Before YouTube

Before Tj Hunt became a YouTube sensation, he had a life filled with a different passion. During his younger years, he found himself engrossed in playing hockey as a way to stay occupied. As he honed his skills, his dedication led him to join a travel team, which opened doors for him to journey to various places. He held onto a dream of making it big in the NHL, envisioning himself skating on the grand ice rinks. However, his aspirations took an unexpected turn when he was informed that his size might hinder his progress in the sport.

Also while Hunt was in high school, he embarked on his first romantic relationship during his freshman year. Within just a couple of weeks of starting school, he crossed paths with this girl, and the connection was instantaneous. They became inseparable almost immediately, quickly evolving into best friends who shared everything. They spent nearly all our free moments together, both at school and beyond. Though he didn’t realize it at the time, this intense bond began to draw him away from his friends.

Gradually, Hunt grew dependent on her presence. Fast forward five years to the freshman year of college, and their relationship came to an end, which was undoubtedly one of the toughest experiences he had faced. The aftermath plunged him into a deep state of depression, making it one of the lowest points in his life. Despite his efforts to reconcile, their paths diverged.

To cope with the emotional turmoil, Hunt turned to a camera once again. He began recording anything and everything, seeking distraction. His interest in cars eventually led me to a newfound passion. Engaging in various car-related activities, meeting like-minded individuals, and immersing himself in the car scene provided a much-needed respite. The process of learning, connecting, and capturing car events gradually pulled him out of his emotional abyss. Before he knew it, he found himself not only participating in car events but also sharing them with the world by uploading videos onto the internet.


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