Updated: 12/18/2016 05:22 PM | First Published: 12/18/2016 02:04 AM

Twice married Tim Buckley died from heroin overdose

Tim Buckley smiling

Tim Buckley married for the first time in 1965 when he was only 18. He was married to Mary Guibert, a grade younger than him, whom he met during a French class. Tim had married Guibert as they believed that she was pregnant but shortly after the marriage, they realized that she was not pregnant at all.

The marriage started becoming chaotic and Tim left his wife but she became pregnant for real soon afterward. At that point, Tim was unable to cope with the circumstances and he finally divorced his wife in October 1966. Their son Jeffrey Scott “Jeff” Buckley was born in November the same year. Jeff died at the age of 30 due to accidental drowning.

Tim married Judy Brejot Sutcliffe in April of 1970 and adopted her son Taylor.

Tim Buckley had just ended his Dallas tour a day before he sat with his friend Richard Keeling to enjoy the accomplishment. The two were at the house of Keeling when Tim ingested heroin.

Tim’s reaction to the intake of heroin was not going well so his friends took him to his home where his second wife took him to the bed for resting. Some moments later, when Judy checked him, he was not breathing and had turned blue. He was later pronounced dead on arrival by the paramedics. Tim was officially announced dead on 29 June 1975, at the age