The Bucket List Family is a popular YouTube channel run by a family of travel journalists. The channel features the adventures of parents Garrett Burton Gee and Jessica Gee, along with their kids Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan Gee. They share their exciting travel experiences and document their journeys around the world.

With their engaging content and vibrant storytelling, the Bucket List Family has gathered a dedicated following, amassing over 1.45 million subscribers on their channel. Their videos offer a glimpse into their explorations, cultural encounters, and the bond they share as they check off items from their collective bucket list. Their warm and inviting videos inspire viewers to dream big and embark on their adventures.

Garrett And Jessica Love Story

The love story of Garrett Gee and Jessica Gee is truly heartwarming. They got married in 2009 and then, on their tenth anniversary in 2019, they decided to rekindle their love by re-marrying. When they were younger, they faced financial struggles and couldn’t afford what they considered a proper wedding. This made their tenth anniversary re-marriage all the more special, as it felt like the proper wedding they had always dreamed of.

Garett and Jessica Gee are recording a video as Garett is talking to the camera.
Garett and Jessica Gee from The Bucket List Family (Source: Jessica Gee Instagram @jessgee)

In 2009, Garrett and Jessica’s story began with an interesting twist of fate. They first crossed paths during their church service missions in Vladivostok, Russia. Their initial meeting was brief, happening in a small flower shop, but little did they know that destiny had more in store for them. It wasn’t until years later, when they both found themselves attending the same university in Provo, Utah, that their paths truly converged. The familiarity of their earlier encounter sparked a connection, and they started dating.

Net Worth Of The Bucket List Family

The Bucket List Family’s financial success is quite impressive. With an estimated net worth of $80 million, they’ve managed to turn their passion for travel and storytelling into a lucrative career. Their primary income source is their YouTube channel, where they share their captivating adventures. Posting around 3 videos each month and averaging about 100,000 views per video, their content has resonated with a wide audience. This popularity translates into substantial earnings, with ad revenue alone bringing in at least $5,400 each month.

In addition to their successful YouTube channel and ad revenue, the Family has found multiple streams of income that contribute to their financial prosperity. They offer exclusive travel deals to their followers, allowing them to experience unique and exciting journeys. Their podcasts also add to their revenue streams. One of their innovative services, called Bucket List Friends, has an annual plan that provides subscribers with access to all their videos from 2018. This special content covers a wide range of topics, including valuable marriage advice, traveling with children, collaborating with investors, and sharing their best travel tips and tricks.

About The Travel Family Three Kids

The Travel Family is a loving household that includes Garrett Gee, Jessica Gee, and their three wonderful children. Their family is made complete by their three kids: Dorothy Seven Gee, Manilla Gee, and Calihan Matisse Gee. Dorothy, the oldest, was born on November 6, 2012, bringing joy and laughter to their lives. Following her is Manilla, born on September 16, 2014, who adds his unique energy and personality to the mix. The youngest member, Calihan, was born on January 30, 2018, bringing a sense of newfound wonder to the family.

Dorothy is The Bucket List Family’s only daughter, and she’s quite the adventurer. By the time she turned 5, she had already visited 65 countries, showcasing the family’s love for travel. She’s into swimming, gymnastics, soccer, and dancing, and some of her other names include Dodoshii and Dorfey.

Garett, Jessica, Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan Gee are posing for a family picture in the middle of the bush.
The Bucket List Family, Garrett, Jessica, Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan Gee (Source: The Bucket List Family Instagram @thebucketlistfamily)

Manilla, often affectionately referred to as “Mia” or “Manilla Bean,” is a cherished member of the family and the second child. His parents gave him the name Manilla due to his dad’s Filipino heritage, symbolizing a connection to his roots. Interestingly, the name also holds a delightful meaning: “Faint hint of Vanilla,” adding a unique touch to his identity. He hit an exciting milestone when he learned to walk at just 10 months old. Among his favorite activities, he finds joy in swimming, skateboarding, various sports, and anything that involves cars and planes. With his endearing nicknames and vibrant interests, he brings his special energy to the family’s dynamic adventures.

Calihan, named after his mom’s Irish heritage, holds a special place as the youngest member of the Gee Family. Interestingly, his journey began even before he was born, as his family embarked on their global adventure. Despite being the smallest in the family, he brings immense joy and excitement to their travels. The tale of his beginnings takes a unique twist—his mom revealed she was pregnant with him while they were in South Africa, adding an unforgettable moment to their ongoing journey.

A Bit About Garrett Gee

Let’s delve into the story of Garrett Gee. He embarked on his educational journey at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, as mentioned on their official website. Even during his freshman year, he showcased his entrepreneurial spirit by creating his first app, Scan. This venture proved to be a significant achievement, as, after three years, he successfully sold Scan to Snapchat for a remarkable $54 million.

This achievement led Gee to join Snapchat for a year, immersing himself in the tech world in California. Alongside his business endeavors, he also balanced his passion for sports, playing on the BYU soccer team. His diverse experiences highlight his determination and ability to excel in both the tech industry and his interests.

Some Stats On The Bucket List Family YouTube Channel

The Bucket List Family’s journey on YouTube began on July 5, 2015, and their story has since captivated millions. With an impressive total of over 218 million views and a dedicated subscriber base of over 1.45 million, their impact is undeniable. Their most renowned video, “5 YR OLD Scuba Dives with GREAT WHITE SHARKS in Mexico!!,” has achieved an astounding 20 million views, showcasing the family’s adventurous spirit and the curiosity they inspire in their viewers.

The essence of their channel lies in sharing their global explorations, offering a front-row seat to their travels around the world. Many of their videos offer glimpses of breathtaking oceans and seas, forming a central theme that highlights their deep connection with water and marine environments. Through their inspiring content, the family encourages others to dream big, explore new horizons, and treasure the beauty that our world has to offer. The family sold everything and started their journey on August 15, 2015. Recently, they have settled in Hawaii.

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Some Information On Jessica Gee

Jessica Gee’s background is rooted in Denver, Colorado, where she originally hails from. Before embarking on her current journey, she had a career as an online marketer and web developer. Her education also led her to Brigham Young University, where she focused on studying advertising, further enriching her skill set. Alongside her professional pursuits, she has a deep affinity for health and wellness. She loves to engage in exercise, delve into nutrition, and create delicious meals in the kitchen.

Dark chocolate is a sweet indulgence that finds a special place in her heart. Interestingly, Jessica’s interests are as diverse as her passions – she enjoys the music of Michael Bolton, supports the Denver Broncos in sports, and finds relaxation and satisfaction in gardening. Her multifaceted interests contribute to the unique and dynamic personality that enriches The Bucket List Family’s adventures.

Has Written A Book

The Bucket List Family’s journey has led them to remarkable accomplishments, including having their show and even writing a book. Their book, titled “National Geographic Bucket List Family Travel: Share the World with Your Kids on 50 Adventures of a Lifetime,” is a treasure trove of knowledge. Written by Jessica Gee, this book is a valuable guide that offers expert advice on traveling with children, as mentioned by Amazon.

The Cover has a baby swimming underwater in a cage with shark in front of him.
The Cover of National Geographic Bucket List Family Travel (Source: The Bucket List Family Instagram @thebucketlistfamily)

It also presents 50 extraordinary itineraries that showcase must-visit destinations across the world. This resource not only reflects Gee’s extensive travel experiences but also serves as an essential tool for families looking to embark on their unforgettable adventures. Through their book, the family extends their wisdom and insights, encouraging others to create unforgettable memories while exploring the world with their loved ones.


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