Tatanka Means is a professional Hollywood actor. He was born on 19 February 1985 to father Russell Means and Gloria Means. Tatanka was always a very amusing and playful child.

Although Tatanka was born in South Dakota, he was raised in Chinle, Arizona State. Tatanka got married to Christine Means a few years earlier and the couple has a baby together. She is a daughter, but her cute name is not yet disclosed.

Tatanka Means grew up with two of his lovely siblings named Nataanii Nez Means and Scott Means. The siblings are spotted having some get-togethers sometime.

Tatanka Means’ education and career has gained a handsome net worth

Tatanka Means went to a local high school where he learned to do boxing. He was the USA National Boxing Champion in 2011 for the category of under 16. However, he didn’t pursue his professional career in boxing.

Tatanka Means started off his film career with Turok: Son of Stone in 2007. It’s a horror movie. Consequently, in 2008, he did the movie named The Burrowers. Likewise, 2012 became pretty busy for Tatanka. He did three movies: Tiger Eyes, Universal Vip and Derby Kings.

Tatanka Means also appeared in the 2015 movies Hybrids and Burning Bodhi. Recently, in 2016, Means’ new movie Neither Wolf Nor Dog was released. His career has made him at least a few million dollars.

Tatanka Means’ height gives him a hot look

Tatanka Means is 6 feet 2 inches tall. That’s perhaps the average height of NBA players. Hence, Means’ height has given him a great advantage on his appearance. It makes him look smart, confident and hot.

In the same way, Tatanka has a muscular body with a very low-fat percentage. Wide shoulders, bulged chest, big biceps, and strong-looking legs provide him an athletic body.

Means is very much used to doing regular exercises and doing sports such as basketball and swimming.

Tatanka Means’ hairstyle features two ponytails – discover more about him

Tatanka Means features two pony tails on the side. These ponytails are found to be cute by most fans, but some fans refer to it as a very girly thing.

He won 2012 Best Actor in a Leading Role award at the Red Nation Film Festival (2012) for his role as Wolf in Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes. Likewise, Tatanka’s role as Jim Sundell in Derby Kings won him 2013 Best Actor award at the Dreamspeakers Film Festival.

In the same year 2013 and for the same role, he won Best Actor award at the Nevada International Film Festival. It shows that Means is indeed a gifted actor.