Updated: 01/10/2017 02:35 PM | First Published: 01/09/2017 03:50 PM

Tami Erin's 2013 was full of controversy: Her image as Pippi Longstocking was almost ruined

Hot and supersexy actress Tami Erin posing in black dress

Fans were in disbelief when Tami Erin released a sex tape in 2013. Apparently, her ex-boyfriend threatened to release the private tape with or without her consent. As a result, she decided to beat him and stp  from making money out of it by selling it to the highest bidder herself. The release threatened Tami Erin’s image as Pippi Longstocking resulting Columbia Pictures to order the removal of any association of the children’s movie character with the actress’ private tape.

2013 was a year of controversy for the actress when she was arrested for assaultingher roommate. The actress claimed to be acting on self-defense. According to her, her roommate had been filming her for a while without her consent and the confrontation led to the brawl. But that wasn’t the last controversy she had on 2013, she was arrested again on the accounts of drunk driving and hit and run.

Despite the controversies, the actress still continues to live as the image of the beloved red-haired character with freckled cheeks that we adore. The presumably single actress currently has a net worth of one million dollars. She continues to spread her radiant beauty on social sites Twitter and Instagram (@TamiErinReal) with over 7k followers.