Taina Smits is the daughter of actor Jimmy Smits. Her father has played significant roles in both movies and TV shows. One of his notable portrayals is Bail Organa in the Star Wars universe. He has also taken on the character of Detective Bobby Simone in the series “NYPD Blue.”

Taina was born in 1973. She has made a name for herself in the world of theatre as both a writer and a teacher. Jimmy’s daughter has chosen to keep a low profile.

Net Worth Status

Taina Smits’ net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Her sources of income come from her multifaceted career. She works as a teacher, and writer, and plays a significant role as a director in school theater. However, the specific details of her income remain undisclosed.

Taina Smits has a curly hair.
Taina Smits with a selfie (Source: Twitter @TaiSmits)

Taina’s father Jimmy Smits, boasts a substantial net worth of $12 million. He earned it through his successful acting career. The details of his income remain undisclosed. But he has been involved in various high-profile projects like “Star Wars” and “NYPD Blue.”

A Married Woman With Kids

Taina Smits’ relationship status is that she is married. Her husband’s name is Jim Beasley. The couple tied the knot in the year 2000.

Despite maintaining a relatively private personal life, Taina has shared glimpses of her marital bliss on social media. She has posted a few pictures featuring her partner, Jim, giving a rare insight into their life. The couple has also welcomed a child into their lives. However, the details about their child remain unclear

Works As A Teacher

Smits dedicates her time to the field of education. She currently serves as an English teacher at Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia. Her role involves imparting knowledge and skills to students in the realm of English.

The door entrance is painted with black buildings and "Annie JR." text written in red in top.
Taina Smits plays Annie Jr. from GMS Theatre Group (Source: Twitter @TaiSmits)

Taina tends to keep details about her work relatively private. The specific aspects of her teaching methods, classroom activities, and educational approach remain undisclosed.

Education Background

Taina has a solid educational background. She pursued her Bachelor’s degree at Duquesne University. Her focus during her academic journey was on English and Education, a combination that reflects her passion for both language and teaching.

Smits dedicated four years to her studies, attending the institute from August 1992 to December 1996. During this time, she likely gained valuable insights and knowledge that laid the foundation for her future career as a teacher.

Parents Are No Longer Together

Jimmy and Barbara Smits, who had been together since high school, are no longer a couple. They embarked on their marital journey on June 10, 1980, but unfortunately, their paths diverged, leading to a separation on March 15, 1986, as mentioned on UPI’s website.

Jimmy Smits is wearing a black suit and tie.
Taina Smits’ father, Jimmy Smits (Source: Instagram @officialjimmysmits)

The couple ultimately finalized their divorce on June 22, 1987. Taina’s parents cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their parting ways.

Barbara Smits, born on November 27, 1955, led a dedicated professional life. For three decades, she worked at Cornell Cooperative Extension – New York City (CCE-NYC). Tragically, she passed away on April 16, 2010, at the age of 54. Her untimely death was a result of complications from pneumonia.

Charity Involvements

Taina Smits has shown her commitment to charitable causes. Notably, through her participation in the Fab Over 40 beauty competition. This event not only celebrates beauty but also contributes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

During her involvement in the competition, Smits secured a notable 4th place in the quarterfinals, as mentioned on the Fab 40’s website. Her decision to participate in such initiatives underscores her support for charitable endeavors.

Has A Brother

Taina Smits is not the only child in her family. She has a brother named Joaquin Smits, born in 1983. While she has been involved in teaching, writing, and theater, her brother has chosen to maintain a low profile.

Despite being the son of a well-known figure, Joaquin’s personal life and endeavors remain largely undisclosed. This decision to stay out of the public eye could be a personal choice.

Involved In Theater

Jimmy Smits’ daughter is actively involved in the world of theater. Tiana holds a master’s degree in Theater. She not only delves into acting but also explores the realms of writing and directing within the theatrical sphere.

One notable instance of Taina’s involvement is her role as a director in the theater program at Glasgow Middle School. During her tenure, she led the GMS Theatre Group. It’s unclear if she is still currently involved with this particular theater program.

Social Media Presence

Taina maintains a presence on social media platforms such as X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram. On X, she can be found under the handle @TaiSmits, and on Instagram, she goes by @taismits.

Taina shares a glimpse of her life and interests with her online community. However, her Instagram account is set to private. She also isn’t particularly active on Twitter, choosing perhaps to engage less frequently in the world of the Internet.


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