Suzy Kolber, Married to Eric Brady in 2008, Lovely Couple Shares One Child


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Probably, Suzy and Eric getting married after dating several years were in a relationship around that time. However, the issue which went viral throughout the webs and media didn’t create disputes in their cordiality though it’s freshened every year.

The dedicated couple doesn't seem to have any chance of divorce anytime soon.

Suzy Kolber, a sensational American media figure, is married to her long term boyfriend Eric Brady since 2008. Kolby and husband are parenting one child (daughter) at present.

Suzy Kolber’s fruitful marriage with boyfriend-turned-husband

It is quite sure that Suzy and her boyfriend-turned-husband spent a long time together before tying the knot in 2008 but the exact period is not confirmed. 

Wedding coupled with the birth of their loving daughter Kellyn in 2008 must have made the year the best and most memorable year for the couple. 

Although Kolber and Brady seem happily married together, there had been some gossips in media which talked about their divorce. However, the rumors which were completely baseless couldn't catch much limelight and be ever confirmed. Moreover, the dedicated couple doesn't seem to have any chance of divorce anytime soon.

The bond that overcame darkest hurdles! Nothing could drift them apart

Growing up with the dream to pursue a career in the media world, the beautiful and talented anchor has accomplished her aim so far. Being a football sideline reporter, a sportscaster and a co-producer for ESPN, she has become one of the most liked journalists at present.

Astoundingly beautiful and dazzling 52-years-old reporter still possesses such elegance that can easily lure many hearts. But her heart belongs only to her loving husband. Suzy Kolber is seen happy with her husband since last 8 years of their marriage.

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