Suzy Kolber, Married to Eric Brady in 2008, Lovely Couple Shares One Child

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Probably, Suzy and Eric getting married after dating several years were in a relationship around that time. However, the issue which went viral throughout the webs and media didn’t create disputes in their cordiality though it’s freshened every year.

Quick Facts About Suzy Kolber

Name Suzy Kolber
Birth Name Suzanne Lisa Kolber
Profession TV Journalist
Gender Female
Birthday May 14, 1964
Age 53 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Married
Place of Birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Husband Eric Brady
Best Known For ESPN2

The dedicated couple doesn't seem to have any chance of divorce anytime soon.

Growing up with the dream to pursue a career in the media world, the beautiful and talented anchor has accomplished her aim so far. The professional success of the gorgeous woman is matched by her personal too.

Suzy Kolber, a sensational American journalist, is married to her long term boyfriend Eric Brady since 2008. Kolber and husband Brady are parenting their only child to date, their gorgeous daughter Kelly. The couples are enjoying their blissful relation without facing any conflicts in it.

Suzy Kolber’s fruitful marriage with boyfriend-turned-husband

No wonder, Eric and Suzy are living a fairytale married life along with their daughter. But people may love to see their favorite news reporter in outdoor with her happy family.

It is quite sure that Suzy and her boyfriend-turned-husband spent a long time together before tying the knot in 2008 but the exact period is not confirmed.

The year 2008 became quite eventful for Kolber as marriage with her long-time boyfriend and birth of their adorable baby girl happened same year.

Since the beginning, their relationship has gone smoothly. The happy family of three are living a blissful life.

The couple is balancing their personal life with professional by never mixing them and also a mutual respect has played an important role.

The committed couple doesn't want to be a victim of controversies. So, they have tried keeping it far from the media limelight.

Similarly, from Suzy’s side, she has left no stone unturned. She has always tried to maintain the balance between her personal life accompanied by her loving husband & daughter and her reporting career. And she hasn’t let her husband doubt towards their ever-strong bonding.

The bond that overcame darkest hurdles! Nothing could drift them apart

Although Kolber and Brady seem happily married together, there had been some gossips in media which talked about their divorce. However, the rumors which were completely baseless couldn't catch much limelight and be ever confirmed.

You may not know about Joe Namath who once led Suzy to be a major topic of buzz in media.

It was in 2003, while Suzy was interviewing Namath. The former American football quarterback saying “I want to kiss you” to Suzy created a huge chattering in the media. Ignoring the sideline reporter’s (Suzy) question, Namath instead said twice that he wanted to kiss her.

Later, Namath did apologize to her. However, the issue has stayed alive since & well through the web, most notably as a namesake for a satirical NFL blog “Kissing Suzy Kolber”. It has been celebrating the anniversaries. Maybe this year it’s 12th.

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