Stephanie Slemer is the wife of Mark McGwire, who’s also known as “Big Mac”. He used to be a baseball player. Mark played for 16 years in Major League Baseball. During his career, he was a first baseman.

Slemer was born in 1977. She used to work as a pharmaceutical sales representative before. She has chosen to live a low-profile life. Living this way, she focuses on her personal life.

Married To Mark McGwire

Stephanie Slemer and Mark McGwire first crossed paths in St. Louis, Missouri. They were introduced by a friend they both knew. At that time, she was working as a sales representative for Tap Pharmaceuticals.

It was in St. Louis that Slemer and McGwire found a connection. On April 20, 2002, they exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. The wedding was attended only by close family and friends. After getting married, the couple decided to start their new chapter together in California.

Mark McGwire is sitting in the lockerroom, holding a bat and throwing a ball in his hand.
Stephanie Slemer’s husband, Mark McGwire (Source: Pinterest)

Have Few Kids Together

Slemer and McGwire are proud parents to a large family. Their journey into parenthood began with the arrival of triplet daughters named Monet Rose McGwire, Marlo Rose McGwire, and Monroe Rose. They were born on June 1, 2010.

Later on, Stephanie and Mark were blessed with two more additions to their family. This time two sons named Max McGwire and Mason McGwire.

In July 2022, the family celebrated a significant milestone. Slemer’s son, Mason, was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the eighth round of the MLB draft. His accomplishment brought pride and happiness to them.

Net Worth Status

Stephanie Slemer’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. She previously worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative, which likely contributed to her earnings. However, not much is known about her wealth beyond this estimation.

Mark McGwire’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million. Throughout his coaching and playing days in MLB, he earned a substantial income. His career came to a close in 2001, and he had amassed a staggering $74 million in salary at the time.

Mark McGwire is running on the pitch holding the fist up in the air.
Mark McGwire in one of his matches (Source: Pinterest)

Education Background

Slemer’s educational background includes graduating from Eastern Illinois University. She graduated in 1999 with a degree in speech communication.

Stephanie likely gained valuable communication skills that have served her well in various aspects of her life. Obtaining a degree in speech communication may have equipped her with the ability to effectively convey ideas, and engage in meaningful interactions.

Slemer’s Parental Reservations About McGwire

Stephanie’s parents didn’t immediately warm up to McGwire. She explained that her parents weren’t big fans of baseball. Hence, they didn’t express the same level of enthusiasm as some others might have. She recalled,

“My parents weren’t big sports fans, so they weren’t as gaga over him as some parents might be.”

However, as they got to know Mark better, Stephanie’s parents grew to love him.

Mark McGwire is wearing an Oakland jersey.
Mark McGwire during his early playing days (Source: Pinterest)

Previous Works

Stephanie has had a diverse range of work experiences in different locations. While in Charleston, Illinois, she became a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. She worked as a bartender at a popular local establishment called Stu’s.

Later on, in St. Louis, Missouri, Slemer transitioned into a different role as a sales representative for Tap Pharmaceuticals. This job allowed her to utilize her communication skills and build professional relationships within the pharmaceutical industry.

Not The First Wife Of Mark

Stephanie is not the first wife of Mark McGwire. Back in the 1980s, during his time playing baseball at the University of Southern California, Mark was involved with a woman named Kathleen Hughes.

The two eventually got married, with Slemer and McGwire’s marriage lasting from 1984 to 1990. However, not much is known about this early relationship and marriage in the baseball legend’s life.

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McGuire’s Steroids Controversy

McGuire’s admission of steroid use during his record-breaking 1998 season sparked a major controversy. Breaking the news to his family, particularly his son, Matt, was one of the most difficult things for him.

Mark’s family, including his son and parents, were understanding and supportive throughout the process. As mentioned in CBS News, he mentioned,

“He’s very, very understandable. So are my parents. The biggest thing that they said is they’re very proud of me, that I’m doing this. They all believe it’s for the better.”

The Time Slemer Got Sick

In 2016, Stephanie Slemer fell ill. McGwire, who was coaching the San Diego Padres at the time, immediately rushed to her side to offer his support.

Reflecting on the experience, McGwire emphasized the importance of prioritizing his family during challenging times He stated, “I had to take care of my wife and my five children.” While the illness wasn’t life-threatening, he expressed gratitude that all tests came back negative. Despite the reassuring results, he remained by her side for three weeks.


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