Squirmy and Grubs is a popular YouTube Channel run by the lovely couple, Shane Burcaw and Hannah Burcaw. With an impressive following of over 1.5 million subscribers, their channel has become a source of joy and inspiration for many. Through their videos, the two openly share their heartwarming love story, allowing viewers to glimpse into their everyday lives and experiences.

Shane and Hannah’s content not only showcase their unwavering bond but also educates and raises awareness about important topics such as disability awareness and inclusion. By inviting us into their world, they have created a supportive community that celebrates love, positivity, and the beauty of shared moments.

Are The Couple Married Or Not?

Squirmy and Grubs, (real names, Shane Burcaw and Hannah Burcaw) the wonderful couple behind the YouTube channel, are indeed married. They tied the knot on September 4, 2020, in a wedding that might not have been the grand celebration they initially envisioned, but it was perfect in its way. The wedding took place at the charming Vandusen Mansion, where their love story reached a beautiful milestone.

Shane and Hannah Burcaw are walking side by side, in their wedding outfit.
Shane and Hannah Burcaw at their wedding (Source: Squirmy and Grubs YouTube Channel)

Despite the challenges of the times, Shane and Hannah found a unique and heartfelt way to exchange their vows – through a Zoom call officiated by Sarah Burcaw. To make their day even more special, they had the talented team from Mintahoe Catering provide delicious food, while Revel & Flourish took care of the wedding planning, decorations, and florals, creating a truly magical atmosphere. Adding to the enchantment of the day, they were graced with the presence of Rainn Wilson via video call, the actor famous for portraying Dwight Schrute in “The Office,” making their wedding even more memorable and extraordinary.

Net Worth Of The YouTube Couple

Squirmy and Grubs have built an impressive estimated net worth of $5 million, primarily through their successful YouTube channel. They consistently release around 6 videos each month, and these videos gather an average of 100,000 views per video. Just from ad revenue, they earn at least $10,800 every month. In addition to their YouTube earnings, they also receive donations from their supportive community. Shane, one half of the duo, has expanded his income by writing a few books, including “SAMGIMN,” “LAMN,” and “NSD,” which have contributed to their financial success.

Moreover, Shane and Hannah Burcaw offer merchandise such as hoodies and shirts, which fans can purchase to support them and show their love for the channel. They further diversify their income by participating in speaking events and sharing their unique and inspiring story with audiences. Through their various endeavors, they have not only found a way to connect with their audience but have also created a sustainable and fulfilling livelihood.

Going Through IVF To Have Kids

Shane and Hannah Burcaw have embarked on a journey of hope and determination as they pursue their dream of becoming parents through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). After dedicating two years to trying to conceive through traditional methods, they decided to explore IVF when they discovered that conceiving naturally was not an option due to his health condition, as mentioned in an article from the Daily Mail.

Hannah Burcaw is taking a selfie from the hospital bed.
Hannah Burcaw in the hospital during her IVF process (Source: Squirmy and Grubs YouTube Channel)

It was revealed that Shane’s sperm count was significantly low, measuring less than 10. This low sperm count can be attributed, at least in part, to the medication he takes for his SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) condition, which has an impact on his sperm production. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, Squirmy and Grubs are facing this new chapter of their journey with resilience and a positive outlook, determined to overcome obstacles and embrace the possibilities that IVF offers on their path to parenthood.

What Does Shane Suffer From?

Shane faces a genetic challenge since birth, coping with a condition known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). This genetic disorder brings about muscle weakness and atrophy, where the muscles gradually become smaller over time. The root of SMA lies in the absence of a vital protein required for muscle development and upkeep. This condition has meant that he has been using a wheelchair ever since he was just two years old as mentioned in an article from New York Post. His mobility is limited, making it difficult for him to move his legs, arms, and hands.

However, what sets Shane apart is his remarkable sense of humor and positive outlook on life. He humorously describes himself as resembling a spider that has been stepped on a few times, highlighting his ability to find joy and laughter in the face of adversity. This resilience and lighthearted approach showcase his remarkable spirit as he navigates life with SMA.

How Did Squirmy And Crubs Love Story Start?

The couple behind, Squirmy and Grubs’, Shane and Hannah Burcaw’s beautiful love story began with a seemingly serendipitous discovery. Hannah stumbled upon a documentary detailing Shane’s life, instantly drawn to his interests and sense of humor. Gathering her courage, she sent him a friendly email, which she humorously attributes to the hazy mindset of late-night exam cramming. To her delight, he responded, and soon a sparking a meaningful conversation.

As Shane and Hannah continued to talk, they quickly realized the numerous things they shared in common. Their mutual love for travel and the thrill of savoring delectable new cuisines served as a strong bond between them. Their connection deepened, and the initial email that she playfully chalks up to delirium led to the blossoming of a heartfelt and enduring love story between the two.

As the weeks rolled on, the Burcaw’s bond grew stronger, and she found it hard to be apart. They kept the conversation alive through constant texting and FaceTime calls, allowing them to get to know each other. Just a few months down the line, their relationship reached a new milestone when Hannah made the journey to Pennsylvania for their very first face-to-face meeting. Although Shane’s tardiness on the day of her arrival, making her wait at the airport, might have tested her patience, it was no match for the budding affection between them. He formally asked her out, and without hesitation, she said “Yes,” sealing the beginning of their romantic journey together.

About Squirmy And Crubs YouTube Channel

Squirmy and Grubs launched their YouTube adventure on June 19, 2018, marking the start of a captivating online presence. With an impressive tally of over 512 million views on their videos, it’s no surprise that they’ve amassed a dedicated following of more than 1.54 million subscribers. Their most standout video, “My Life Expectancy Has Changed [CC] / Squirmy and Grubs,” has garnered an astounding 4.8 million views, showcasing the widespread appeal of their content.

The heart of Squirmy and Grub’s channel lies in the charming journey they share as a couple, giving viewers a front-row seat to their everyday experiences. The videos provide an intimate look at how they navigate life together, allowing their audience to connect with the genuine emotions and challenges they face. Through their candid storytelling, they have successfully created a space that resonates with many, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding among their viewers.

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What Is Shane And Hannah’s Aim With The Channel?

Shane and Hannah have a heartfelt mission with their channel: to spread their love story far and wide, aiming to shift societal attitudes toward disability. They recognize that people often view their relationship through narrow and sometimes mistaken lenses, perceiving it as extraordinary, strange, sorrowful, or even unattainable. These misconceptions stem from a harmful perspective on disability.

Shane and Hannah Burcaw are posing for the picture right outside the club.
Shane and Hannah Burcaw at Mr. Paul’s Supper Club (Source: Shane Burcaw Instagram @shaneburcaw)

However, a closer look reveals that Squirmy and Grub’s relationship is as ordinary and beautiful as any other. Their journey together serves as a powerful testament to this truth. They warmly invite the opportunity to share their story and its profound message with classrooms, workplaces, and events, hoping to promote understanding, inclusivity, and empathy in world that can often misunderstand and misrepresent disabilities. Through their open-hearted approach, they aspire to inspire change and foster a more compassionate society.


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