Sports Journalist Rachel Nichols and her husband have fifteen married years under their belt

Rachel - Info

Name Rachel Emily Nichols
Profession Actor
Gender Female
Birthday January 08, 1980
Age 37 Years Old
Star Sign Aquarius

Rachel - Quick Facts

Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Married
Hair Color Blonde
Eyes Color Blue
Place Of Birth Augusta, Maine
Height 5' 0"
Husband Michael Kershaw
University Columbia University
Working For

Rachel Nichols married her husband Max Nichols in 2001. Interestingly, Rachel Nichols recently celebrated 15 years of her Bond with him. 

Rachel Nichols is an American sports journalist, currently working as ESPN television host. Extensively known for her most impactful and prominent skills, she is one of the most eligible and promising journalists of ESPN sports world. Previously worked for CNN, her major news coverages are NFL and NBA.

Keeping her renowned professional profile apart, her personal life is indeed very interesting. Though she is connected to news world and is famous for her fabulous reportings, her interests aren't just limited to news articles and headlines.

Instead, she is profoundly fan of Movies and Music. As the fact, her intense love for entertainment world led her to choose her husband from it. Yes! it's true that she is a married woman and it's been for over 15 years by now.

Happily married to Max Nichols, film and music Video director, Rachel had married him in 2001 in the Jewish ceremony. To see clearly she is living her married life happily from past 15 years. More facts to her married life are, despites being both of them related to two different professions, they are very compatible. Their long- term compatibility is strong enough to deny any possible rumor about their divorce.

A successful journalist and happy wife, Rachel Nichols shares the perfect bond with Max Nichols as they are a perfectly happy couple. 

Well, it's been such a long time but still their family line is incomplete without children. Being honest, their married life has been incompletely complete. At one side, their bond is deeper than blood while at the other side their family includes only the duos.

Happily married for 15 years, Rachel Nichols and Max Nichols denies all rumors ever pointed towards their personal life. 

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