Sophie Fatu is a child actress and singer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Fatu first gained attention when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent at the age of 5. Moreover, Sophie was the youngest contestant ever to appear on the show. Her performance of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” captivated the audience and the judges.

The video of Fatu’s audition has over 50 million in 4 years of uploading. Since her initial appearance on America’s Got Talent. Sophie has gone on to make appearances on Little Big Shots and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Also, she has performed with fellow contestant Sal Valentinetti at Westbury Theater in New York. Simon Cowell judged Sophie’s performance in America’s Got Talent.

Early life and education of Sophie Fatu

Sophie Fatu was welcomed by her parents on 14th November 2012 in the United States. As of 2023, she is under the age of 10. While Sophie holds American nationality, Fatu comes from a diverse ethnicity. She started singing at age four and was featured on NBC’s Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey

A family picture of Sophie Fatu with her parents and two siblings.
Sophie Fatu with her parents Brandon Volz, and Victoria Fatu, and siblings Mark Fatu as well as Vivienne Fatu. Source: Instagram

The child star Sophie found massive fame, and so did her father, Brandon Volz, and mother, Victoria Fatu. Brandon may be known as the young artist’s father, but he is a fitness expert and founder of CorrectiveX. On a similar no, Victoria paved the way as a musician for her daughter. Interestingly, Sophie’s mom is an award-winning concert pianist in Los Angeles.

Fatu isn’t the only kid of Brandon and Victoria. She lives with two siblings. Mark Fatu, Sophie’s younger brother, is also a singer, meanwhile, her older sister, Vivienne Fatu, gained fame as a vlogger.

Speaking of Sophie’s educational background, she is pursuing her education in the United States. Also, the child star remains active in her musical and acting career. The young singer earned internet fame when she uploaded a cover of her singing Sinatra covers. Moreover, she was also invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show at age five where she performed Fly Me to the Moon.

Married life of Sophie Fatu’s parents

Victoria Fatu and Brandon Volz have been married for over a decade and have two children together. Victoria is an award-winning concert pianist and singer, while Brandon is a fitness expert and founder of CorrectiveX.

Sophie Fatu and her mother Victoria Fatu are wearing the same type of oufit.
Sophie Fatu and her mother Victoria Fatu are wearing the same type of outfit. Source: Instagram

Sophie Fatu’s parents have a strong relationship and are very supportive of each other. They are often seen attending events and concerts together, and Victoria often posts pictures of them on her social media accounts. They are a great example of how couples can stay together and be supportive of each other’s careers and dreams.

What is the net worth of the Child jazz singer Sophie Fatu?

Sophie Fatu has an estimated net worth of between $100,000 to 1 million. Fatu’s primary source of wealth is her career as a jazz singer. She has an official YT channel named Vicky and Brandon. Moreover, she also earns from YT as her channel has almost millions of people subscribed to her. The child actress’s cover song named Fly Me to the Moon has over 1000 million views, as a rough estimation, she has welcomed over $110,000.

Sophie Fatu took the picture with her siblings.
Sophie Fatu and her brother MaVivienne Faturk. Source: Instagram

Fatu has also earned money through modeling and acting. Sophie has worked with the brands ModerneChild and Kardashian Kids, Moreover, she has also appeared on shows such as Will and Grace, Goliath, and The Kids Are Alright.

Sophie Fatu is from Los Angeles, United States, so the cost of a house in her area is significantly higher than the national average. However, in other cities, the cost of a home may be lower. For example, in Houston, the average price of a house is around $200,000.

Info of Shophie, the Jazz singer

Sophie Fatu’s parents, Victoria Fatu and Brandon Volz have both had successful careers in their respective fields. As mentioned above, Victoria is an award-winning concert pianist and singer. Volz is a fitness expert and founder of CorrectiveX.

Sophie shares smile through her photo.
The Jazz singer shared her smile through her Instagram post. Source: Instagram

Fatue’s mother was born in the United States and began studying classical piano at a young age. Victoria went on to attend the prestigious Juilliard School, where she earned a degree in music performance. After graduating, she began performing in various venues around the world and eventually released her album.

Volz was born in the United States and attended the University of California, Berkeley. Bardon earned a degree in exercise science and went on to become a certified personal trainer. He has since founded his own fitness company, CorrectiveX, which focuses on helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Sophie Fatu’s parents have both had successful careers and have been able to provide their children with a comfortable and secure upbringing. They have instilled in Sophie a love of music and a passion for fitness, which have both served her well in her career. Even though their children are famous personalities on social media, Victoria and Bardon are still out of the spotlight.

Rumors of the youngest contestant of America’s Got Talent

Sophie Fatu has been the subject of much gossip since her time on the show. The most prominent rumor about Sophie is that she will appear in the upcoming movie Last Looks, which stars Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam. While this rumor is true, Sophie’s mother, Vicky, dispelled such rumors about her daughter’s involvement in the film.

Another rumor that has been circulating is that Sophie was eliminated from America’s Got Talent too early. While the truth is, Sophie failed to make it to the Quarterfinals of Season 13. Despite the rumors, Sophie has continued to make strides in the entertainment industry.

Know about the physical appearance of Fatu!

Sophie Fatu is a young girl who stands at 4 feet 7 inches. Fatu’s distinctive features include light brown curly hair and grey eyes. Currently weighing 28 kg, it is crucial to note that Sophie’s physical appearance may change as she grows.