Updated: 03/15/2017 10:02 AM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

Smoking hot Amy Robach is an another name of 'perfection'

ABC News journalist Amy Robach on red carpet event

Amy Robach is 43 years of aged renowned broadcasting lady and still charm on her face has not gotten lessen. She was believed to be interested in modeling earlier as she participated in the beauty pageant Miss Georgia in 1994 and finished in 5th place. Now, it seems that she has moved on from her modeling career and is concentrating more on her broadcasting work.

Amy’s real body measurements size is yet to be disclosed. However, judging from her outer appearance and looks, she proudly owns a perfect looking body with natural looking full breasts, narrow waist, and round hips. Her bra cup size has not been revealed yet. She is yet to pose in a bikini but will look very hot in one without a question. She underwent double mastectomy to get her cancerous tissue removed. 

The talented news lady has light blonde colored short hair with a perfectly matching set of blue penetrating eyes. She appears to have a good height and has maintained a balancing weight even after giving birth to two children. Although she has crossed the gracious age of 40, she definitely looks much younger than her real age. She has long, toned legs and subtly shows them off wearing sexy outfits during her shows. She has a good sense of fashion and dresses.

The gorgeous TV news anchor has come out successfully from struggling days of breast cancer. Her struggle story is really an inspirational one for many women throughout the world, who won't miss to read her biography. The cancer struggle has not affected a little bit on her astonishing personality. She is still spreading the magic of her charm through her TV shows. You can follow her on her official pages in Twitter and Instagram.