Skylene Montgomery, the wonderful wife of Sean Payton, stands by his side as he leads the Denver Broncos in the National Football League. Sean isn’t just any football coach; he’s the big boss, the head honcho of the team. Before he became the mastermind behind the plays, he used to throw the football himself as a quarterback.

Montgomery was born on a chilly winter day, December 4th, 1984, in the charming town of Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA. Under the sign of Sagittarius, she brings warmth and enthusiasm wherever she goes. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of West Virginia, she developed a love for nature and adventure.

Living A Married Life With The NFL Coach

Skylene Montgomery is happily living her married life with Sean Payton. They embarked on this beautiful journey with him in a grand celebration in June 2021, amidst the breathtaking beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Their love story began to blossom in the charming city of Charlotte, North Carolina, back in 2012.

Sean Payton is talking on a Press Conference as he is wearing a cap.
Skylene Montgomery’s husband, Sean Payton (Source: Denver Broncos YouTube Channel)

Montgomery and Payton’s love story started in a rather unexpected way, all thanks to a mutual friend who unknowingly played Cupid. She, a dedicated fan of his team, reached out to this friend, hoping to snag some tickets to one of the games. Much to her surprise, the friend handed her coach’s number, encouraging her to ask directly. Little did she know, this simple act would change her life forever. They arranged to meet during the pregame conference and that’s how it all started for them.

Former Beauty Pageant Winner

Montgomery, a name that sparkles with grace and poise, made her mark in the world of beauty pageants from a young age. In her mid-teens, at the tender age of 14, she ventured into the glamorous realm of pageantry by participating in the Miss Teen West Virginia pageant. Despite her youth, her confidence and charm shone brightly, earning her the title of first runner-up.

Montgomery’s journey in the world of pageantry reached its pinnacle in 2007 when she achieved a remarkable feat. With sheer determination and unwavering confidence, she clinched the prestigious title of Miss West Virginia USA. She went on to represent her beloved home state on the grand stage of Miss USA 2008. She captured the hearts of the audience and left a lasting impression.

Skylene Is Payton’s Second Wife

Skylene Montgomery stepped into Sean Payton’s life as his second wife, bringing her unique sparkle into his world. Before her, the NFL coach was married to Beth Shuey, and their love story stood the test of time for nearly two decades. Their journey began in the hallowed halls of Indiana State University, where fate brought them together.

Beth Shuey is holding pink flower bouquet on her hand.
Sean Payton’s ex-wife, Beth Shuey (Source: Pinterest)

Beth, a student at the university, and Sean, the dedicated running back and wide receivers coach, found love amidst college lectures and campus adventures. Their love story was woven with the threads of college romance, creating a bond that lasted for years. Despite the end of their marriage, the memories of their college sweethearts’ love story remain a cherished part of his past.

Amid their shared journey, Sean and his ex-wife, Beth were blessed with the joy of parenthood. Together, they welcomed two wonderful children into their lives, creating a bustling household filled with love and laughter. Their daughter, Meghan, graced their lives with her presence in 1997. Just a few years later, in 2000, their son Connor was born. Though life took them on different paths, they shared a bond through the shared experience of raising their beloved children.

Education Background

Skylene Montgomery’s educational journey paints a picture of dedication and continuous learning. It all began in the halls of Parkersburg South High School, where she proudly earned her high school diploma in 2003, marking the first milestone in her pursuit of knowledge. Keen on exploring the intricacies of the human body, she pursued a degree in exercise physiology at Marshall University, graduating in May 2007.

Driven by her passion for healthcare, Skylene then set her sights on nursing. Her journey took her to St. Mary’s School of Nursing in Huntington, where she delved into the fundamentals of nursing before transferring to West Virginia University. There, she dedicated herself to her studies, emerging with a nursing degree in the mid-2010s.

Eager to enhance her expertise, Skylene continued her educational odyssey, earning her Master of Science in Nursing from Loyola University in 2022. Through years of hard work and determination, her educational background showcases her commitment to excellence and her relentless pursuit of becoming a skilled healthcare professional, ready to make a difference in the lives of others.

Nurturing Lives: Skylene’s Journey as a Nurse

Montgomery, a compassionate soul with a heart full of kindness, dedicates her days to making a difference as a nurse at Ochsner LSU Health. In the bustling halls of the hospital, she serves as a beacon of hope and comfort to patients and their families. Her days are filled with tender care, from soothing words to gentle touches, ensuring that each person she encounters feels valued and understood.

Skylene Montgomery is lifting weight.
Skylene Montgomery working out (Source: YouTube Channel)

Before her current role at Ochsner LSU Health, Skylene embarked on a journey in healthcare, leaving her mark in different corners of the country. In the heart of West Virginia, she served as an assistant nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital in Huntington. Later, in the vibrant city of New Orleans, she took on the challenging role of a gastrointestinal nurse in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), as reported in The U.S. Sun.

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Grew Up As A Tomboy

Montgomery’s childhood was painted with the vibrant colors of sports and adventure. Growing up as a tomboy, she embraced her love for athletics with unmatched enthusiasm. She was a force to be reckoned with on the field, fearlessly participating in softball, baseball, and volleyball games.

Skylene embodied the spirit of a true sports enthusiast with her signature bowl-cut haircut. She revealed she always donned messy baggy shorts and a Nike tee that showcased her dedication to the game, as mentioned in an article from Nola. Her days were filled with the sound of the bat hitting the ball and the thrill of competition, making memories that would last a lifetime.

Net Worth Status

Skylene Montgomery, a compassionate nurse with a heart of gold, has built a life dedicated to helping others. While her exact earnings remain a mystery, her estimated net worth stands at $100,000, a testament to her hard work and determination. Her income, though undisclosed, reflects her passion for making a difference in the lives of her patients.

Sean Payton, the brilliant mind behind the football plays, boasts a net worth of a whopping $24 million. His wealth is a testament to his successful career as an NFL coach, with the Denver Broncos being his latest venture. As the head coach of the Broncos, he leads his team with expertise and passion, guiding them to victories that echo his skill on the field.

Currently, Montgomery’s husband, Payton is under a lucrative five-year contract, making headlines with a reported annual earnings of $18 million. This contract not only underscores his value as a coach but also reflects the confidence the Broncos organization has in his ability to lead.

Parental Background

Skylene’s family story is wrapped in an air of mystery and prosperity. Her father, Skylar Montgomery, shines as a successful entrepreneur, co-owning The Overhead Door Company, a business that has become a cornerstone in their community. Specializing in selling and installing garage doors, the company stands as a testament to his business acumen.

Skylene, their only child, is nurtured within the folds of their affluence and love. While much remains undisclosed about her mother, Darlene Montgomery, her presence is felt in the warmth that envelops their home. Despite the secrecy, there’s an undeniable bond that ties this family together.


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