Skip Bayless is married to wife Ernestine Sclafani. Know more about his age, married & children

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Skip Bayless has been married to wife Ernestine Sclafani for many years. Marrying after dating for several years, Skip and Ernestine don’t have any children yet. However, the two are going really great in their personal lives.

Skip Bayless, who seems to have prioritized his professional life than the personal one, has always faced controversies in his conjugal life. But he is lucky enough to get Ernestine Sclafani as his wife, who has come along the way throughout the years, supporting such a workaholic man.

Skip Bayless’s priority order: work comes before his wife

Point to be noted, Skip Bayless, the sturdy sports columnist may never skip a day at work but fails to give the same importance to his wife and family.

You may remember the famous sports debate on ESPN when hearing Skip’s name. You may not believe us. But you’ll surely understand his words. In fact, this sports columnist’s wife is also in a media business, & this may be the reason that holds them together for years.

Undeniably, his step forward nature has put him into controversy several times. But you might have the lot more to know in his personal.

Yes! Bayless is a well-known sports columnist & reporter. His contributions to ESPN is great. However, he’s not rocking in his personal life.

Shocking! He told Ernestine on his first date, “You will never be more important than my job.” However, adoring him like most of the women do, Sclafani said, “He’s got a heart of Gold; He’s funny, shy, caring. He’s just a good guy.”

Sclafani, like Bayless, is a hardworking woman and both of them are involved in the journalism field. She is the vice president of Shandwick Public Relations. They both bond over understanding each other’s needs for maintaining their stead in their professional lives.

Married for years yet no children! Questions raised in their commitment

The career-oriented figure, Bayless met his future wife a decade back while she was working on a sports program Cold Pizza. Keeping their affair under wrap for years, the twosome finally tied a knot in a private ceremony. They didn’t publicize their wedding pictures.

Children are always a big time commitment. For this couple who finds satisfaction in their work more than anything, maybe that is why the two put off having children.

On their first date, Bayless told Sclafani that she will never be more important than his work. Many in her place would leave Bayless but Sclafani stuck to him.

Bayless had married once before to his college girlfriend. The marriage and his subsequent four other relationships afterward crumbled down for the same reason. They could not understand his obsession with work. This may explain Bayless bluntness towards Sclafani on their first date.

Sclafani, as described by Bayless, ‘can elbow her way into my life better than others’. Their works have made them live apart in different cities. However, they make time to spend weekends together.

The lack of public appearances made many to speculate the marriage was not fruitful. This is because the couple rarely goes out as they like to spend their time together indoors, eating pizza and watching movies.

For Skip Bayless, getting married to a wife who has similar work ethics and values in life was just the right fit for him. The couple does not have any children but they seem really satisfied with their existing lives. Skip Bayless is truly blessed to have such a lovely wife.

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