Simple Living Alaska is a YouTube channel where they show their quiet way of life in Willow, Alaska, USA. They record videos that let you see how they live off the grid. In their videos, they share the beautiful scenery and their everyday routines. It’s a peaceful and down-to-earth way of life that’s far from the hustle and bustle of city living. So, if you’re curious about life in a remote part of the world, their videos are a great way to experience it from the comfort of your home.

The YouTube channel is run by a lovely couple named Eric and Arielle Illia. They began their YouTube journey back in 2018, and since then, they’ve built a big family of more than 732,000 subscribers. That’s a lot of people interested in their way of life!

Love Life Of The Alaskan Couple

Eric and Arielle Illia are a loving couple who adore life. They’ve been together since way back in 2006, and in 2016, they made their love official by getting married. Living in the breathtaking beauty of Alaska, they share their everyday adventures with their viewers. It’s clear that they cherish every moment they spend together, and that love and togetherness shine through in their videos.

Eric Illia is wearing a grey hoodie and Arielle Illia is wearing a grey jacket.
Eric and Arielle Illia during their younger days (Source: Simple Living Alaska YouTube Channel)

In one of their Q&A videos, Eric and Arielle shared a sweet detail about how they first crossed paths. It turns out, they met in Samoa County, California, when they were both in their high school years. That’s where their journey together began, in the halls of high school and amidst the adventures of growing up.

Net Worth Of The Simple Living Couple

Simple Living Alaska has been sharing its beautiful off-grid life on YouTube, and Eric and Arielle Illia’s hard work has paid off. It’s estimated that their net worth is around $1 million. That’s quite an achievement! Their primary source of income comes from their YouTube channel, where they share their daily routines, stunning Alaskan landscapes, and the simple joys of life.

Eric and Arielle are quite active on their YouTube channel, sharing about five videos each month. Their content is so interesting that they get an average of 300,000 views on each video. What’s even more impressive is that their hard work pays off, bringing in at least $27,000 a month from ad revenue alone.

The YouTube couple not only shares their life in Alaska through videos but also offers something special to their viewers – an Alaskan Calendar. This calendar features stunning pictures of Alaska, and what makes it even more personal is that these photos are taken by Arielle herself. So, you can also bring a piece of Alaska’s beauty into your own home, which has also been a good source of revenue for them.

Some Stats On The YouTube Channel

Simple Living Alaska began their YouTube journey on April 10, 2018, and since then, they’ve come a long way. Their videos have collectively garnered over 161 million views, and they’ve built a strong community with 732,000 subscribers. Over the years, they’ve shared their way of life in Alaska through more than 400 videos, allowing viewers from all around the world to join them on their adventures.

The YouTube couple has come a long way since they started their YouTube journey. Their very first video, titled “Eggs Benedict on the Farm | Oregon Homestead,” was uploaded on April 24, 2018. But their journey to success took off with their most popular video, “Pickling 350 Eggs | Preserving Food for Winter in Alaska.” This video has garnered over a whopping 2.9 million views! People are not only interested in their unique way of living but also in the practical skills and knowledge they share.

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Getting Life Started In Alaska

Eric and Arielle embarked on an incredible journey to Alaska back in 2018, covering a whopping 2,500 miles from Oregon to their new home, as mentioned on their YouTube Fandom page. They made some big changes in their lives, downsizing their house, land, and possessions, all in pursuit of a dream to live more self-sufficiently.

When the Simple Living Alaska couple finally arrived, they found themselves in a cozy little cabin nestled amidst the enchanting forests of Southcentral Alaska. What’s remarkable is that the Illias didn’t expect to go completely “off the grid,” but that’s exactly what they ended up doing. It’s a story of courage, resilience, and the pursuit of a simpler and more fulfilling life in the heart of nature.

What Was The Illia’s Life Before Moving To Alaska?

Before the adventurous move to Alaska, Eric and Arielle called Cottage Grove, Oregon, their home. They had moved there in 2014. Their lives were quite different back then. He worked as a garbage truck driver, keeping the streets clean and tidy. Meanwhile, she had a variety of jobs, including working at dog kennels and doing other odd-end tasks.

The picture is a birdeye view of a small house with huge field and forest right behind it.
Eric and Arielle Illia’s old home in Cottage Grove, Oregon (Source: Simple Living Alaska YouTube Channel)

Later, Arielle decided to pursue a career in dental hygiene and enrolled in a program at their local community college. Their journey to Alaska was a big leap from their previous jobs and lifestyle, but it’s clear that they’ve found a new and fulfilling path in the wilderness of the Last Frontier. Their story reminds us that life can take unexpected turns, and sometimes, the most rewarding adventures come when you step out of your comfort zone.

Before their time in Oregon, Eric and Arielle lived in California, which is their original home. In California, he had a job driving a truck for a local company, likely navigating the roads and highways to deliver goods. His wife, on the other hand, had a profession in dental hygiene. It’s interesting to see how their life’s journey has taken them from California to Oregon, and eventually to Alaska, where they now lead a more self-sufficient and off-grid lifestyle.

How’s The Life In Alaska?

Eric and Arielle’s life in the South Central region of Alaska sounds like a true adventure! They’ve fully embraced the great outdoors, taking in the beauty of Alaska’s boreal forest. Cooking in such a unique and remote setting must add a special flavor to their meals. Living off the grid is no small feat, but they’ve made it work, and it seems like their small and cozy house is filled with warmth and love.

What’s even more remarkable is Illia’s extended family, which includes critters, chickens, and bees, making their homestead even more vibrant, as mentioned on their official website. They’ve been sharing their journey on YouTube since 2018, and it’s heartwarming to see how their online community has grown. Their lives might be unconventional, but it’s clear they’re driven by the delicious food they create and the exciting adventures they embark upon.

The Illia’s Have Dogs To Keep Them Company

The Illia family, Eric and Arielle, have some furry companions to keep them company in their remote Alaskan homestead. They’re proud dog parents to two adorable canines named Bandit and Bo.

Bo and Bandit are sitting next to each other in two legs.
Simple Living Alaska pet dogs, Bo (left) and Bandit (Source: Simple Living Alaska Instagram @simplelivingalaska

Bandit and Bo share their everyday life in the wilderness with the Illias, adding an extra layer of warmth and companionship to their home. In such a remote and tranquil place, having furry friends around must bring lots of joy and comfort. They are not just pets; they’re like family members to Eric and Arielle.

Simple Living Alaska Also Blogs Their Life

Simple Living Alaska doesn’t just share their adventures through YouTube. They also give us a glimpse into their lives through blogging on their website. Arielle, with her writing, provides even more insight into their off-grid lifestyle, sharing stories and experiences that might not make it into their videos.

Arielle’s blogging covers a wide range of topics, from lifestyle and cooking to gardening, preserving, adventures, and health and wellness. It’s clear she has a lot of wisdom and experiences to share in these areas, making her blogs a valuable resource for anyone interested in a similar lifestyle. However, it’s been a while since her last blog entry, with the most recent one dating back to 2020.


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