Shin Kawasaki

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Shin Kawasaki - Info

Name Shinichiro Kawasaki
Profession Guitarist
Gender Male

Shin Kawasaki - Short Bio

Nationality American
Ethnicity Asian
Place Of Birth Toyoma, Japan
Marital Status Married
Wife Keiko Agena
Hair Color Black

Shinichiro “Shin” Kawasaki is a Japanese-born American musician who has gained wide recognition from his varied skills of playing guitar. He is also popular in the media for being the spouse of Gilmore Girls famed actress Keiko Agena

A Toyoma, Japan native Shin moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and began his career by performing live at clubs. Eventually, he began working for the alternative pop band Visiting Violette. The band which was founded by Glenn Suravech was lead by singer/songwriter Lee Takasugi. He has also worked with drummer Chili Charles and his group KUFU, singer Marié Digby, and composer Misha Segal.

Shin is also a composer and producer and has composed music for SanDisk, NHK Enterprise, NHK Educational, Turkey Shoot Music Festival, etc.

Shin released his debut solo album in July 2010. The self-titled album, which showcases a varied range of styles from technopop to acid jazz and fusion, was nominated for an Independent Music Awards.

At present, he is working at Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown as the host of MidTones. It is a monthly jam of jazz standards, J-pop and Yacht Rock musicians. 

Shin and Keiko Agena are married since 19 December 2005. Interesting to note, the couple wedded in a helicopter flying over Las Vegas, Nevada. They do not have any children till date.

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