Sherrie Swafford is the ex-girlfriend of musician Steve Perry. He left an indelible mark on the life of the renowned lead singer and frontman of the iconic rock band Journey.

Swafford is a woman of mystery who maintained a low profile for most of her life. She was born in 1953 in Bakersfield, California. Her reserved nature added an air of enigma to her identity. It has left fans curious about the woman who shared a part of Perry’s journey.

Relationship With Journey’s Steve Perry

Sherrie Swafford gained public attention for her romantic involvement with Steve Perry, the lead singer and frontman of the rock band Journey. The two shared a relationship in the early 1980s, a period marked by the band’s peak success.

Steve Perry and Sherrie Swafford are standing on the field as they both are holding each other.
Sherrie Swafford with her ex-partner, Steve Perry (Source: Pinterest)

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Perry acknowledged their intense connection, stating,

“Sherrie and I were crazy in love, I can tell you that. And it was a very tough time because the band was peaking. And if any woman out there thinks that it would be real exciting to be the girlfriend of somebody in a band like that and that it would be all peaches and cream.”

Perry’s candid reflection provides insight into the challenges he and Sherrie faced amidst Journey’s soaring popularity.

Swafford’s Professional Life

Swafford is known for her work as an esthetician. She owns a skincare business in Bakersfield. Her expertise in skincare reflected her dedication to helping others achieve and maintain healthy skin.

In addition to her work in the beauty industry, Sherrie also embraced the practice of yoga. She serves as a yoga instructor. This dual professional identity shows her focus is not only on external beauty but also on the importance of mental and physical health.

During her relationship with Perry, Sherrie also dabbled in the world of hairstyling. This additional skill set likely added to her dynamic persona.

Current Status (Alive Or Not?)

There has been conflicting information regarding the status of Sherrie Swafford. Various articles have suggested that she passed away on November 25, 2022, at the age of 66. She, allegedly, died of natural causes.

Steve Perry is cooking food as Sherrie Swafford is standing behind him.
Sherrie Swafford and Steve Perry cooking (Source: Pinterest)

However, it is essential to note that other sources have claimed Sherrie is still alive and well. At this moment, we cannot confirm with certainty whether she is alive or deceased.

Sherrie’s Other Interests

Swafford’s interests extend beyond her professional endeavors. She has expressed a deep passion for various aspects of life, as mentioned in an article from The Hollywood Reporter. In an interview with blogger Marc Tyler Nobleman, author of the blog Noblemania, she revealed her affinity for animals, gardening, and cherishing the bonds of friendship.

These interests offer a glimpse into Swafford’s character. She is someone who finds joy in simple pleasures and values the connections she shares with both living beings and the world around her.

Has A Song About Her

Sherrie found herself immortalized in the world of music when Steve Perry penned the hit song “Oh Sherrie” in her honor. The song was released in 1984 as his debut solo single from the album “Street Talk. The song soared to number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Not only did Swafford inspire the lyrics, but she also graced the music video. She took on the title role and added a personal touch to the visual representation of Perry’s heartfelt tribute. “Oh Sherrie” remains a beloved classic, forever cementing Swafford’s place in the annals of rock music history.

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Net Worth Status

Sherrie Swafford has an estimated net worth of around $100,000. She has led a career encompassing roles as a yoga teacher and aesthetician. However, her specific income details remain undisclosed.

In contrast, Sherrie’s ex-partner, Steve Perry, boasts a staggering net worth of $70 million. His income is largely attributed to his prolific singing career. His immense success in the music industry, including the sale of over 100 million records worldwide, has solidified his status as one of rock music’s most iconic figures.

About Steve Perry

Steve Perry left a huge mark on the world of rock and roll as one of its most iconic voices. As the lead singer and frontman of the legendary rock band Journey, he spearheaded the group’s success during their most illustrious periods from 1977 to 1987 and later from 1995 to 1998.

Steve Perry is pointing at the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
Steve Perry at the Golden Gate Bridge (Source: Instagram @steveperrymusic)

Perry’s powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence propelled Journey to the zenith of the music industry. His talent and influence are further underscored by his inclusion on Rolling Stone’s esteemed list of the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time,” as mentioned on his official website.


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