Shannon Bream red hot looks in 1995 Miss Florida USA. Her bikini & swimsuit looks along with body measurements

By Pearl Ryder

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Thank you GarryViar SalonV for my dress! #WhiteHouseCorrespondentsDinner

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What is sexier than a woman flaunting her curves?

There are several things that make Shannon Bream beautiful to the eyes of million viewers, including her mesmerizing face, height, and her overall physical attributes.

When it comes to her figure Shannon Bream has never been sorry for not being the size zero, Hollywood’s ideal figure. The 45-years-old Shannon has a gorgeous measurement of 38-26-37, which is a hot epitome of an hourglass body type.

Bootylicious Shannon just loves her curves and can be seen flaunting her smoking figure in a very sexy mannerism.

Look who I ran into today. #WeThePeople

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Charming, rounded and amazingly talented Shannon Bream of Fox News’s America’s News Headquarters bring the talent and sex appeal together, proving that you don’t have to wear revealing clothes or don’t have to do some steamy scenes to be a hot one.

Also, we think that the quote “Beauty with Brain” sums up everything about her looks and her professional achievements.

During the 1995 Miss Florida USA pageant, her hot figure in red bikini blew everyone’s minds. And it’s quite amazing that even in her mid-forties, Shannon Bream has an attractive and well-maintained figure with perfect body measurements.

Shannon Bream was Miss Virginia 1990, a Miss America Pageant participant, and 1995 Miss Florida USA. She may not have won Miss America title but has won many hearts with her measurements. And that is why she is still remembered for her red bikini swimsuit!

Undoubtedly Shannon Bream is amongst the rare combination of ‘beauty with brains'. Why? Because not only she graduated with a degree in business but have also finished fourth in 1995 Miss USA Pageant & was #10 in 1991 Miss America pageant.

Not just a pretty face! Shannon Bream’s red hot swimsuit on 1995 Miss Florida USA

You may have known her for her tenure at Fox News Channel, but what really brings us here is her red bikini attire in 1995 Miss Florida USA.

We don’t have many pictures of her during the competition but we have a video of gorgeous Shannon wearing a sexy hot bikini at the 1995 Miss Florida USA pageant. While she was showing off her seductive assets, she also gave us a glance of her intense and deep thinking.

On that note, she said “I’d like to think I am the kind of person who has a character. You can have money, fame, fortune, successes but without character, in the end, you are really nothing.” And that’s what put an impact on everyone’s mind.