Surely, Mr. Shalom Lemel, father of Dorit Kemsley, would have been elated watching his daughter succeed in a world of fame, fashion, and TV shows. Dorit is an American fashion designer as well as television personality who has been able to get her way into the entertainment industry. The shining star is in this role of a cast member on the glamorous reality show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Born on April 19, 1947, Lemel comes under Aries, which is a very live sign and gives his unique personality to the universe. He originates from the lush country of Israel and therefore has multiple cultures and experiences from his homeland.

A Happily Married Man

Shalom Lemel remains enigmatic regarding his personal affairs but he is a happily married man. He has given his heart is Rachel Lemel, and they have remained inseparable since time immemorial. However, this is the strange part because little has been told about the start of their relationship since the lovebirds have decided to lock such issues for themselves.

Shalom and Rachel Lemel are posing together in this monochrome image.
Shalom Lemel and his wife Rachel Lemel (Source: Dorit Kemsley Instagram @doritkemsley)

Wrapped in the warmth of their privacy is the secret of how and when Shallem’s and Rachel’s wedding takes place. It looks like they know well how to keep some secrets about their union so that we are only allowed to guess.

Net Worth Status

Shalom Lemel’s financial affairs remain somewhat enshrouded and are thought to be worth around $100,000. His sources of income are shrouded in mystery giving his net worth an element of suspense. However, her daughter who is as popular as Dorit Kemsley, has a net worth of about $50 Million, similar to Erwin Bach, on the financial front.

Dorit has successfully moved about various domains of stardom and wealth whereby she gets her fair lot from the TV drama titled “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” At times besides the glitter of the city, she found time to try her hand in her own company – a clothing business, Beverly Beach.

Apart From Dorit, There Are Few Kids

Shalom’s biological son is David Lemel. He was born in 1974 and proceeded with his unique path before leaving college in England. Equipped with information and determination to make a mark in the property world, he has made his place in real estate.

Last but not least is Shalom’s youngest daughter in the lineage of his family Debbie Lemel Gross. She was born in 1978 and she has taken an uncommon way. Some people claim that she now runs the company, Bespoke Travel, and injected travel spirit into a variety of her hobbies.

Shalom and Rachel Lemel with their kids and grandkids are posing for one big family picture at their home.
Shalom Lemel with his kids and grandkids (Source: Dorit Kemsley Instagram @doritkemsley)

Shalom Is A Grandfather

Shalom enjoys being a father and grandfather, with five grandsons who have added more laughter and joy to the family tree. He is also happy as he has a grandson called Daniel Lemel and a granddaughter known as Drew Lemer who comes through his son David’s union with Valerie Schnipper Lemel.

Shalom’s daughter, Dorit Kemsley, adds two more joy bundles to the Lemel family. Jagger Kemsley was welcomed in 2014 while Phoenix Kemsley followed suit in 2016, who has certainly filled his heart with love and pride. Last but not least in the lively cast of the grandchildren is Brayden Ariella Gross who was born to Debbie and her husband Bruce David Gross. It is a blessing for him to be a loving and caring grandparent to each of his loving and adorable grandchildren.

Showbiz Experience

Shalom Lemel is not simply an anonymous onlooker in the world of entertainment. However, he has put his footprint on the small screen and entered the glamorous world of reality television. He has also put some family flavor into glamorous Hollywood through his several appearances in his daughter, Dorit, and Lisa Vanderpump’s show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

However, Shalom’s on-screen presence is documented on his IMDb page, having appeared in 4 episodes and showing the father-daughter bond and the family’s real-life moments. Additionally, his unexpected cameos not only reveal a strong affinity between the Kemsleys but also demonstrate his desire to have some fun together with his daughter in the spotlight. Be it a word of advice or casual moments, he shows that it goes beyond marketing and into showbiz.

Worked In The Israeli Army

However, little is known about Lemel’s past, which only deepens the enigma surrounding his biography. A large part of his life was devoted to service for this army before he entered the multifarious areas such as family and business. He exhibited bravery and strength in navigating the demanding position of being a paratrooper.

Military service is like a rite of passage for every Israeli adult. This helps create a feeling of obligation to the country. It is difficult to say exactly what happened to Shalom in the country. However, one can only guess that the discipline he went through and the iron character that must have been ingrained in him would surely affect his further journey.

Current And Previous Work

Currently, Shalom Lemel dons the cap for an accomplished entrepreneur’s role as one of the partners in Bespoke Travel. This is a joint business activity that he holds together with his wife, Rachel. In conjunction, they go around exploring the amazing world of tourism, designing individual holidays for their customers. They operate out of Boca Raton, a colorful city located in Florida, and have continued to turn people’s daydreams of exploration into reality.

Shalom Lemel and Dorit Kemsley are posing for a picture as he has his hand around her shoulder.
Shalom Lemel with his daughter, Dorit Kemsley (Source: Dorit Kemsley Instagram @doritkemsley)

However, it should be noted that Shalom’s career started in Woodbridge, CT, where he was a technician as written in Screenrant. This was one of the early chapters in his career, where he came out and displayed his technical intelligence in society.


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