Sebastiana Bierk is the daughter of the famous hard rock singer Sebastian Bach. Her dad became well-known as the lead singer of the legendary band Skid Row.

Sebastiana, also known as Tiana Bierk, is carving out her path in the world. She was born on July 15, 2007. Despite having a famous father, she’s making a name for herself with her unique talents and interests.

Parents Are No Longer Together

Tiana Bierk’s parents are no longer together. Sebastian Bach and Maria Bierk first met before he became the famous frontman of Skid Row. They got married on July 26, 1992. But after 18 years, their marriage came to an end with an official divorce in September 2010, following a separation two months earlier.

Sebastian Bach is wearing a black suit and Maria Bierk is wearing a purple dress.
Sebastiana Bierk’s parents, Sebastian Bach and Maria Bierk (Source: Pinterest)

Sebastian has mentioned that the rise of the internet played a big part in the breakdown of their relationship, as mentioned in an article from Blabber Mouth. Stories and allegations from his past, surfacing online, contributed to the unraveling of their marriage.

Additionally, Sebastian pointed out a book titled “The Last Living Slut: Born In Iran, Bred Backstage,” written by Roxana Shirazi, a self-proclaimed groupie. He claimed that the book contained false stories about his experiences during a 2006 tour with Slash’s band Guns N’ Roses. These challenges and controversies have undoubtedly affected Tiana’s life.

Net Worth Status

As Sebastiana Bierk is still young, her net worth isn’t independently reported or significant at this point. However, looking at her father’s wealth, Sebastian Bach, we can see a considerable amount. He has a reported net worth of $1.5 million, as mentioned in Celebrity Net Worth.

It comes from Sebastian’s remarkable achievements in the music industry. His success as the lead singer of Skid Row, where he sold over 20 million records worldwide, and later as a solo artist, has contributed significantly to his wealth.

Has Few Siblings

Tiana Bierk has two brothers, London Siddhartha Halford and Paris Francis Muir Bach. London was born on January 17, 1994. He keeps a low profile but has experience as a graphic designer.

Sebastian Bach, Maria Bierk, Paris Bierk are posing for a family picture together.
Sebastiana Bierk’s family (Source: Pinterest)

On the other hand, Paris was born on March 4, 1988. He is a drummer and is part of the band Severed Hand. Besides his music career, he also works as a teacher/coach at Reece Music. It is a platform that offers a wide range of lesson courses covering vocals, guitar, drums, piano, ukulele, and music theory/songwriting.

Tiana’s family expanded further with the addition of two stepsiblings. Her father, Sebastian, and stepmother Suzanne T. Le welcomed a son named Trace Rox on May 9, 2013. Suzanne also has a son named Presley Harrelson from a previous relationship.

Sebastiana Can Sing

Sebastiana Bierk seems to have inherited her father’s musical talents. She has shown promise as a singer. While she hasn’t disclosed much about her singing endeavors, her father, Sebastian, has expressed his pride in her abilities.

In one birthday post, Sebastian shared how proud he is of his daughter. He praised Tiana for achieving straight A’s in school and singing so beautifully in the choir that it brought tears to his eyes. This glimpse into her musical abilities hints at her potential as a talented vocalist, carrying on her father’s legacy in the world of music.

Has A Stepmother

Sebastiana Bierk’s family expanded when her father, Sebastian Bach, married Suzanne T. Le. Their love story began in Detroit, where they first met. After dating for around two months, they got engaged on December 28, 2014.

Suzanne T. Le is squatting and posing for a picture next to Cody.
Suzanne T. Le with a bear Cody (Source: Instagram @suzanne_le_bach)

The couple then exchanged vows on August 22, 2015. Since then, Sebastiana’s relationship with her stepmother has grown, adding new dimensions to her family dynamic.

Loves Cats

Tiana’s love for cats shines through brightly in her life. She adores these furry felines. In an interview with FOX 2 Detroit alongside her father, she was asked about her favorite song of her father’s.

Tiana surprised everyone by mentioning a cat song her father had made. This revealed her special fondness for anything related to cats. Perhaps the whimsical and playful nature of the song resonates with her love for these charming creatures.

A Bit About Sebastiana’s Father

Sebastian Bach’s musical journey is one of triumph and acclaim. Born on April 3, 1968, in Freeport, Bahamas, he holds dual Canadian-American citizenship. His soaring vocals and stage presence catapulted him to fame as the charismatic frontman of Skid Row. They are a hard rock band that dominated the scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

One of the defining moments of Bach’s career came with Skid Row’s 1991 album, “Slave to the Grind.” This groundbreaking record cemented the band’s status in the annals of hard rock history. The album’s unprecedented success was highlighted by its debut at #1 on the Billboard charts. This was the first metal album to claim the top spot on the charts at the time.


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