Sean Kyle Swayze is the younger brother of the late and great actor Patrick Swayze. He was known the world over for playing Johnny Castle in “Dirty Dancing,” a soulful classic that continues to be acclaimed by his fans everywhere.

Born in Houston, Texas in October 1962, Sean is praised for keeping an extremely low profile and living a very private life. Although his family has always been known for its prominence, he continually strives toward a private life in the shadows.

Net Worth Status

Sean Kyle Swayze is estimated to have assets worth around $500,000. In the past, he also had some brush with showbiz. Yet he has been secretive about the exact sources of his income and financial information.

Patrick Swayze is lying on the bush with his arms folded.
The late Patrick Swayze in a Photoshoot (Source: Pinterest)

Sean’s brother, Patrick Swayze had amassed an impressive estimated net worth of $40 million by the time of his passing. His primary source of income was his successful acting career. It’s noteworthy that despite the phenomenal success of the iconic film “Dirty Dancing,” his salary for the movie was a relatively modest $200,000.

However, Swayze’s financial standing rose significantly with his role in “Ghost” (1990), for which he received a salary of $2 million. These figures offer a glimpse into the economics of the entertainment industry, where the value of an actor’s work might not always align with the magnitude of their impact.

What is Sean’s Relationship Status?

Sean Kyle Swayze married his lovely wife Jami Swayze on November 12, 1988. They are a very happy couple who love each other. The couple lives together in Lancaster, California.

The thing is, despite being together for many years now Sean and Jami have opted to keep most of their love life private. They haven’t shared much with the public at large. This decision stems from their desire to keep the relationship more personal and intimate.

About Sean Parents

Sean’s father, Jesse Wayne Swayze, played a significant role in his life. Jesse was an engineering draftsman, contributing his skills to the field of engineering. Unfortunately, his life was marked by a struggle with alcoholism, and he passed away in 1982.

Jesse Swayze is wearing a white suit and Patsy Swayze is wearing a red dress.
Sean Swayze’s parents, Jesse and Patsy Swayze (Source: Pinterest)

Mother, Patsy Yvonne Helen Swayze, was a multi-talented woman who left her mark in the world of entertainment. Not only was she a film choreographer, but she was also a skilled dancer and dance instructor. Her influence in the industry was felt through her work as a choreographer for films such as “Hope Floats,” “Urban Cowboy,” and “Big Top Pee-wee.”

Tragically, Patsy passed away on September 16, 2013, succumbing to a stroke in her home in Simi Valley. Her legacy as a talented choreographer and her impact on the world of dance and film continue to be remembered and appreciated by everyone.

Sean is a Father and Grandfather himself

Sean Kyle Swayze is a loving father and grandfather. A parent himself, he has a special relationship with his daughter Cassie Swayze. And he plays the role of grandpa to her lovely two children — one boy, and one girl.

Similar to his attitude toward his love life, Sean has never been very talkative about family matters. It has enabled them to make the most of their time together off-camera. This decision has to do with his desire to preserve a certain level of normality and familiarity within the limits of the family.

The Beef with Patrick’s Ex-wife

The Swayze family, including Sean, has found themselves in a public dispute with Lisa Niemi. They have been on bad terms with the ex-wife of the late Patrick Swayze since 2015. The tension arose when Lisa accused her late husband’s mother of abusive behavior following his passing.

Patrick Swayze is wearing a suit and Lisa Niemi is wearing a red dress.
Patrick Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi (Source: Pinterest)

However, Sean came to the defense of his family, as reported in Your Tango. He rejected all such claims, asserting that Lisa’s accusations were motivated by financial interests. This public disagreement has brought forth the complexities of managing relationships and controversies within a family that has already faced the loss of a prominent figure.

About Sean’s Other Siblings

In addition to his more well-known brother Patrick Swayze, Sean has a few other siblings. One of his brothers is Don Swayze, and he also has sisters named Bambi Swayze and Vickie Lynn Swayze.

Unfortunately, the family has faced tragedy with the loss of Vickie Lynn, who was born in 1949. She sadly took her own life in 1994 at the age of 45, leaving a profound impact on the family.

On a brighter note, Bambi Swayze has pursued a career as a dancer and choreographer. She is recognized for her noteworthy contributions to films such as “The Other Side” (1990), “One Last Dance” (2003), and “Lethal Ninja” (1991).

Don has made a mark in the entertainment industry as an accomplished actor, earning recognition for his diverse roles. Among his notable performances, he portrayed the character Gus in the popular series “True Blood.” He has also been part of noteworthy films such as “Evasive Action,” “Drop Zone,” and “Passenger.”

Used to Work as a Driver

Sean Kyle Swayze brings a unique touch of behind-the-scenes experience to Hollywood. He has previously worked as a driver in the Transportation Department for the 1998 movie “Letters from a Killer,” as mentioned on his IMDb page.

This film holds special significance for the Swayze family. Not only was Sean involved as a driver, but his late brother Patrick Swayze played a leading role, and their mother, Patsy, contributed her talents as a choreographer to the production. The collaborative family effort in the making of “Letters from a Killer” showcases the diverse skills within the Swayze family.


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