Sean Hannity talking on mic

Is Sean Hannity and his family leaving New York


Sean Hannity has been low key when it comes to his personal life but he hasn’t been too secretive as well. 

Sean Hannity is married to Jill Rhodes since 1993 and he shares two teenage children with his wife. The couple’s first kid, son Patrick was born in 1999 and their daughter Merri Kelly was born in 2002. His family has mostly stayed away from media limelight. 

A few years ago, some sources reported that said Sean Hannity was going to divorce his wife Jill. The news was not verified by any authentic sources for a long time, and eventually, it turned out to be just rumors.

Sean has not made any comments relating to the state of his marital life with Jill. But one thing is for sure that the two are still married and they are living in Oyster Bay, New York. 

Sean and his family lived in a mansion in Lloyd Neck, New York before buying comparatively expensive and exotic mansion in Oyster Bay in 2014. As revealed by the sources, his previous house was bought in July 2003 and was worth $3.6 million. His current mansion which has a swimming pool and a tennis court is worth $8.5 million. Thanks to his huge salary.

In 2015, there was news which stated that Sean is planning to relocate. The sources claimed that he was considering a move south, probably to Florida. But he has not left New York till date.