Updated: 02/19/2017 02:50 PM | First Published: 02/19/2017 07:01 AM

Sean Hannity’s journey to becoming the host of The Sean Hannity Show

Sean Hannity in WABC radio studio

In 1989, Sean Hannity launched his career as a radio talk show host at the UC Santa Barbara’s volunteer college station, KCSB-FM. He worked as a general contractor and hosted a weekly show which was canceled within a year. 

During an episode where Sean discussed Gene Antonio’s book, The AIDS Coverup: The Real and Alarming Facts about AIDS, he told a lesbian caller that he felt sorry for her child. The station initially dismissed Hannity for his remarks but later gave up on its decision. However, Hannity did not return and the show eventually got canceled.

After a bitter experience at his debut station, Sean joined Athens, Alabama-based WVNN radio station in 1990 and then Atlanta-based WGST radio station in 1992 to fill in the position vacated by former radio host Neal Boortz.

Hannity left WGST in late 1996 and began working as a substitute reporter for WABC during Christmas week. Within a few weeks, he became its full-time host. He was a night time slot host at the station in the beginning and became an afternoon time slot host in January 1998. He left WABC in late 2013 and joined WOR in January 2014.

The Sean Hannity Show, the radio show that Sean is best known for, has been airing since 1990, the same year he joined WVNN. The nationally syndicated show has aired through all the radio stations that Sean has joined after WVNN. As of September 2001, the show was syndicated on over 500 stations throughout the USA. 

The Sean Hannity Show airs weekdays for three hours from 3 to 6 PM ET and is the second highest rated radio talk program, the first one being The Rush Limbaugh Show. The show has a special segment ‘Hate-Hannity Hotline’ that usually airs on Thursday. The segment plays clips of calls from people who disagree with him.

Sean Hannity is also popular on television and it has helped him in adding to his net worth.