Scotty Kilmer is a popular YouTuber and skilled car mechanic who creates videos about all things related to automobiles. He was born on October 2, 1953, in Niagra Falls, NY. With a passion for cars and a knack for explaining complex concepts in simple terms, he has amassed an impressive following of over 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

One remarkable thing about Kilmer is his dedication to his viewers, as he diligently uploads new videos every single day. His engaging content and friendly demeanor have made him a go-to source for car enthusiasts and those seeking reliable automotive advice. Let’s gain a bit more insight into his life.

Net Worth Of Kilmer

Scotty Kilmer has built a noteworthy net worth estimated at around $6 million. His main source of income comes from his YouTube channel, where he shares informative and engaging auto-related videos. With a remarkable commitment to his audience, he diligently uploads videos every single day, garnering an average of 60,000 views daily. This consistent engagement translates to a significant revenue stream, earning him at least $30,000 from ad revenue alone.

Scotty Kilmer is talking to the camera as silver Subaru WRX is behind him.
Scotty Kilmer with Subaru WRX (Source: Scotty Kilmer YouTube Channel)

Moreover, Kilmer has expanded his earnings by becoming an Amazon associate, allowing him to earn from qualifying purchases made through his affiliate links. With a long-standing career in the auto-repair business, his wealth is a result of his expertise, dedication, and passion for all things automotive.

Kilmer Is A Married Man

Scotty Kilmer is happily married to his wife, Leslie Kilmer. The couple has shared their lives for over four decades, having tied the knot in 1979. Leslie, a former school teacher at Will Rogers, is a private individual who tends to stay out of the public eye. While Scotty often features his automotive expertise on his YouTube channel, she made a discreet appearance in one of his videos titled “I Finally Got My Wife on Camera.”

However, in this video, only Leslie’s hand is shown, adding an element of mystery and humor to their online presence. Despite her limited appearances, her support and presence behind the scenes are undoubtedly significant in Scotty’s journey as a YouTuber and car enthusiast. He credits her for a lot of his success.

Has Two Sons

Kilmer is a proud father of two sons, Riley and Wyeth. While there isn’t much information available about Riley, we do have some interesting details about Wyeth. He has had an adventurous journey, beginning with his time in the military. He served as a crew chief in the 101st Airborne, where he had the exhilarating experience of flying around the Grand Canyon.

Wyeth Kilmer is in his military uniform, standing next to a black chopper.
Scotty Kilmer’s son, Wyeth Kilmer (Source: Scotty Kilmer YouTube Channel)

After his first deployment, Kilmer received an offer to attend West Point, but he decided to pursue a different path, opting for special forces instead. Despite dropping out of high school due to boredom, his determination led him to remarkable achievements. He retired from the airborne and eventually earned his Ph.D. in Tennessee. It’s quite a remarkable transformation for someone who once left school and is now a chief engineer, reflecting his dedication and commitment to personal and professional growth.

Education Background

Kilmer’s educational background reveals his diverse interests and achievements. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Illinois, where he pursued a field quite different from his automotive expertise. His master’s degree is in anthropology, showcasing his curiosity about the study of human societies and cultures.

This unique educational path adds depth to Kilmer’s character and showcases his intellectual versatility. While he has made a name for himself in the automotive world, his educational background reflects a broader range of interests and accomplishments that contribute to his well-rounded perspective and ability to connect with a wide audience.

Had A TV Show In The Past

In addition to his successful online presence, Kilmer has a noteworthy past in television. He once had a television show on CBS, specifically on KHOU11 in Houston, titled “Crank it up with Scotty.” The show was a hit and ran from 1994 to 2004, as mentioned in YouTube Fandom, making him a familiar face for car enthusiasts during that time. His dedication and engaging approach earned him an Emmy award in 2004 for “Best Interactive Car Talk Host,” showcasing his ability to connect with viewers and share valuable automotive insights.

Scotty Kilmer is wearing a blue shirt as he is talking to the camera.
Scotty Kilmer in Crank it up with Scotty (Source: Scotty Kilmer YouTube Channel)

Interestingly, Kilmer has generously offered glimpses of his television days by sharing lost footage from his show on his YouTube channel. This not only provides a nostalgic treat for his long-time followers but also allows new audiences to appreciate his rich history in the world of cars and entertainment.

About Kilmer’s YouTube Channel

Scotty Kilmer’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of automotive knowledge and entertainment. He embarked on his YouTube journey on August 19, 2007, and since then, his channel has garnered an impressive total of over 2.4 billion views. With a dedicated and engaged audience, his channel proudly holds the title of the most-watched car channel in America. The substantial support from his over 5.8 million subscribers speaks volumes about the trust and admiration his viewers have for him.

The very first video Kilmer shared, “How to get car answers from an expert auto mechanic,” posted on the day he joined the platform, serves as a testament to his commitment to providing valuable information from the start. Among his array of videos, the most watched one, titled “5 Things You Should Never Do in an Automatic Transmission Car,” has achieved an impressive 21.7 million views, showcasing his ability to create content that resonates with a wide audience. Notably, his dedication to authenticity shines through as he refrains from featuring any sponsored content in his videos, ensuring that his advice remains unbiased and genuinely helpful to his viewers.

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Been A Car Mechanic For More Than Five Decades

Kilmer’s remarkable journey as a car mechanic spans over five decades, with his expertise tracing back to the late 1960s. His passion for fixing cars ignited at a young age when he began working at his family’s corner gas station when he was just 14 years old. The seeds of his mechanical prowess were sown early, and by 1979, he took the bold step of opening his very own vehicle repair shop. This love for all things automotive was an inheritance from his father and grandfather, both of whom were skilled auto mechanics.

Interestingly, Kilmer’s father, although reclusive, had a unique approach to passing down his knowledge. Rather than explicitly teaching him the ins and outs of car repair, he allowed Scotty to observe and absorb by watching him work, as mentioned in an article from Hot Cars. This hands-on, experiential learning allowed Scotty to gain invaluable insights and expertise that have paved the way for his successful career as a trusted car mechanic and educator.

Kilmer’s Likes And Dislikes Of Cars

Scotty Kilmer’s preferences and opinions on cars reflect his extensive experience as a car mechanic. He holds a strong admiration for the reliability and durability offered by Toyota and Honda, brands he often praises for their long-lasting performance. He earnestly advises his viewers to steer clear of vehicles manufactured by General Motors and Stellantis, expressing a distinct aversion to them.

Notably, Kimer doesn’t mince words when it comes to his thoughts on English, French, and Italian cars, categorizing them as “outright junk.” While he acknowledges the engineering prowess of German cars and their quality engines, he cautions against some of the modern iterations due to the excessive use of plastics and intricate automatic transmissions, which can hinder their overall dependability.

Kilmer also provides insights into Nissan’s evolution, recalling a time when they were nearly as reliable as Toyota or Honda. However, he attributes a decline in Nissan’s quality to its takeover by the French manufacturer Renault in 1999. This candid and unfiltered perspective shapes his advice and helps his viewers make informed decisions when it comes to their automotive choices.


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