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Scott Grimes’ career journey and his net worth earning

Scott Grimes in ER

Scott Grimes was interested in acting and music since he was a kid. Consequently, he made acting debut at the young age of 13, co-starring in the TV holiday movie It Came Upon the Midnight Clear. His debut appearance on television was followed by a small role in an episode called Little Lost Boy of Twilight Zone.

Scotts also began singing from a young age. It did not take him long to launch him as a singer after debuting as an actor. 

He was only 15 when he appeared on the TV special by comedian Bob Hope where he sang the popular song Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Within a year, he got an opportunity to perform as a guest vocalist on the Richard Carpenter’s first solo album titled Time.

Richard was very much impressed by Scott’s performance that he commented, “I believe young Scott to have quite a future in music.”

In 1989, Scott released his first self-titled music album. The album was produced under A&M Records label with support from Richard Carpenter.

Till he released his debut album, Grimes had worked for various movies and television series, among which he had played recurring roles in two episodes of Who’s the Boss and in nineteen episodes of Together We Stand

However, he made his breakthrough in the television industry only in 1994 when he appeared in the role of Will McCorkle in Party of Five. He worked for the series for nearly 6 years during which he also played a notable role in the sitcom Goode Behavior.

Another television sitcom that he is recognized for is Band of Brothers, an HBO war drama in which he played the role of Sergeant 1st Class Donald Malarkey. It was followed by a major appearance as Dr. Archie Morris on medical drama series ER. He was cast regular in ER from 2003 to 2009.

In 2005, he debuted as a voice artist by lending his voice to Steve Smith, a regular cast of animated sitcom American Dad!. Steve Smith was voiced by Canadian voice actor Ricky Blitt for its pilot episode. 

In 2005, Grimes also came up with his second studio album Livin’ on the Run. The album consisted of 15 songs in total, including a hit single Sunset Blvd which remained in the Billboard Top 20 chart for 10 weeks. The title track of the album was also a hit which succeeded to enter the Billboard Top 40 chart. His latest album Drive was released in 2010.

Likewise, his latest television appearance was in 2016 through an episode of television series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Scott Grimes has spent a very long time in the entertainment industry, fulfilling roles as an actor, voice actor and singer. In return, he has earned a huge fame along with quite a huge net worth. As reported by some sources, Grimes owns a net worth of approximately 5 million USD.