Scammer Payback is a popular YouTube channel managed by Pierogi. This channel is known for making scambaiting videos, where he takes on scammers and turns the tables on them. It’s like a digital detective game where he tricks the scammers and exposes their tactics, helping to educate viewers about online scams.

Pierogi was born on July 16, 1996, which makes their zodiac sign Cancer. Through entertaining and informative content, Scammer Payback and he have built a community of viewers who enjoy watching scammers get their comeuppance while learning how to stay safe online. Let’s try to find out a bit more about him.

Pierogi Is A Married Man

Scammer Payback’s Pierogi is a married man, and while he prefers to keep his wife’s name undisclosed, he has shared a few pictures of her on his social media. The only thing known about her is that she is blondie and hails from Russia. The couple tied the knot in October 2014, choosing to keep the details of their married life private.

Pierogi and his wife are posing for the picture out in the sun with trees in the background.
Scammer Payback’s Pierogi with his wife (Source: Pierogi Instagram @scammerpayback)

Despite his online presence, Pierogi respects his wife’s privacy and doesn’t reveal too much about their relationship. Fans appreciate his decision to maintain this aspect of his life away from the public eye, allowing him to focus on his scambaiting content while still cherishing his moments with his wife.

Scammer Payback’s Net Worth

Scammer Payback’s estimated net worth is around $5 million, a significant sum earned through his unique content creation. His videos, which focus on dealing with scammers, have gained immense popularity on YouTube. Releasing an average of three videos every month, each video receives an average of 2 million views. This substantial viewership translates to substantial earnings, with the channel making at least $108,000 per month from ad revenue alone.

Apart from his YouTube income, Pierogi has diversified his revenue streams by launching a merchandise store. In this store, fans can purchase items like stylish hoodies, trendy t-shirts, cool caps, and even bubble-free stickers. These merchandise offerings not only allow fans to support his channel but also let them proudly display their association with the YouTuber engaging and informative content.

About Pierogi’s YouTube Channel

Pierogi’s YouTube channel has quickly gained traction since its inception on May 15, 2019, the same month Doris Day passed away. With a total of approximately 760 million views, the channel boasts an impressive following of over 6.3 million subscribers. One of the standout videos on the channel is titled “Scammer BEGS For His Deleted Files As I Drink His Tears,” which has garnered an astounding 22 million views.

Scammer Payback's team are all raising their hands, posing for one group picture.
The team of Scammer Payback (Source: Pierogi Instagram @scammerpayback)

This particular video showcases Pierogi’s clever approach to scambaiting and his ability to turn the tables on scammers, leading to their desperation. The immense popularity of this video exemplifies his skill in creating engaging and captivating content that resonates with viewers. As the channel continues to grow, his entertaining scambaiting videos continue to attract a wide and appreciative audience.

Putting On A Character For Scammers

Pierogi showcases his impressive acting skills by assuming different characters when dealing with scammers. One of his alter egos is Vivian Rogers, an elderly lady hailing from Florida. Vivian has a few tricks up her sleeve – she sometimes pretends to be a bit clueless to frustrate scammers, throwing them off their game. She plays the role of a widow who dotes on her son and cherishes her two lively granddaughters.

There is also Wilson Carter, also known as Dr. Carter, who presents himself as a doctor running a podcast known as “The Wilson Carter Experience.” This character exudes a sense of narcissism, believing that his mere presence can bring happiness to everyone. Through these multifaceted characters, he skillfully navigates scambaiting scenarios.

Pierogi’s talent for character portrayal extends even further with personas like Betty Reid, a charmingly technologically-challenged elderly lady who often finds herself bewildered by the intricacies of modern devices. Then there’s Mary Swanson, who resides alone and converses in a rich Southern accent. Mary’s quick disdain for rudeness and her ability to get easily disgusted, like when a scammer unexpectedly burped during a call, injects humor into the interactions while exposing the scammers’ unprofessional behavior.

Lastly, there’s Bertha Carter, a character who cunningly plays the part of a naive and easily misled senior citizen. By taking on these diverse roles, Pierogi adds depth and variety to his scambaiting endeavors, keeping scammers on their toes and his audience entertained as he cleverly navigates through the world of online deception.

How Does Pierogi Work On His Channel?

Pierogi employs a strategic and engaging approach on his YouTube channel to tackle scammers head-on. He fearlessly confronts these scammers directly, skillfully utilizing tactics to stall and waste their time. One of his signature moves involves deleting the scammers’ files, leaving them frustrated and powerless. He takes it a step further by turning on its cameras, providing a glimpse into their world and adding an element of surprise as mentioned in an article from YouTube Fandom.

The Office is green lit in the picture.
Scammer Payback’s Office (Source: Pierogi Instagram @scammerpayback)

Through his dedication and expertise, Pierogi goes beyond just exposing their scams – he delves into their details, successfully identifying their locations. Remarkably, he has also showcased his compassion by persuading call center workers involved in scams to consider honest employment, offering them a chance for a better life. His channel not only entertains and educates but also embodies a sense of justice as he creatively takes on scammers and strives to make the digital world a safer place.

How Did Pierogi Come Up With His Name?

Pierogi’s unique name has an interesting origin. It’s a nickname that he goes by, as he prefers to keep his real name undisclosed. The inspiration behind his nickname comes from the delicious food known as pierogi. These are delightful dumplings made by wrapping a tender dough and a savory or sweet filling as mentioned in an article from Natasha’s Kitchen. The connection to this delightful treat stems from his personal experience.

Pierogi’s wife introduced him to this dish, and he quickly developed a fondness for these delectable dumplings. The love he discovered for this food led him to adopt the name Pierogi, which not only reflects his taste but also adds a touch of distinctiveness to his online persona. Just as pierogi are a delightful blend of flavors, he brings a unique blend of entertainment, education, and intrigue to his scambaiting content on YouTube.

Few Of Scammer Payback’s Accomplishments

Pierogi’s achievements through Scammer Payback are truly commendable and impactful. His dedication to combating scams has led to the prevention of numerous fraudulent activities and the recovery of funds for victims. His intervention has been instrumental in stopping scams in their tracks and returning money to those who have fallen prey to scammers’ schemes.

Born on the same day as Luke Hemmings, Pierogi’s collaborative efforts have extended beyond his channel; his partnership with notable figures like Mark Rober and Trilogy Media resulted in the closure of four call centers in India, effectively thwarting the operations of these fraudulent entities. His heroic actions extend to real-life situations as well – he once came to the rescue of an elderly lady, saving her from losing $15,000 to scammers. These accomplishments stand as a testament to his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the fight against online scams.

What Is The Mission Of Scammer Payback?

The core mission of Scammer Payback revolves around raising awareness about the serious issue of online scams, all while infusing humor and enjoyment into the process. Pierogi’s channel has a noble goal of protecting vulnerable individuals who might fall victim to scammers’ deceitful tactics. In his pursuit of this mission, he takes proactive steps whenever possible.

Pierogi doesn’t just stop at exposing scammers through his entertaining content; he goes the extra mile by directly reaching out to victims when an opportunity presents itself. By doing so, he provides a helping hand to those who have been scammed, offering them guidance and advice on the necessary steps to take to minimize the harm caused by these heartless acts of deception.


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