Samantha Speno & husband Randy Orton married for six years but still maintained close relation post-divorce!

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Samantha Speno and her ex-husband Randy Orton are in the close relationship even after the divorce. They were married for six years. It seems their daughter has kept them from turning their back on each other.

Samantha Speno's post-divorce relationship with Randy Orton has been amicable

Usually, the end of marriage is the dead end of seeing and talking to each other because divorce mostly happens for a serious reason. However, this unusual case between Samantha Speno and Randy Orton has spread gossips all over the town. What could be the reason for this romantic ongoing even after the divorce?

The well-known heavyweight wrestler Randy Orton and Samantha Speno met in a bar. The couple quickly fell in love to get engaged in 2005. Later in 2007, Samantha and Randy decided to marry.

The couple excitedly welcomed their baby girl, Alanna Marie Orton, in 2008. However, the loving family’s happiness didn’t last long; the couple finally had to divorce each other in 2013.

Samantha felt that Randy wasn’t giving much time to the family. The six years of marriage ended very sadly to both Samantha and Orton, but the recent happenings between the ex-couple is amicable.

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Samantha Speno and Randy Orton are still like friends and meet up frequently for their kid

Such a mutual understanding between the couple is definitely affected by their daughter. It’s apparent that both Speno and Orton are trying to be responsible towards their child even after their divorce.

Their daughter had to face such a tragedy in such an early stage of her life. However, Randy seems to be completely aware of the psychological effect this could have on their child as he was the one first filing for the divorce.

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In support, Randy has agreed to provide $4500 each month to Samantha. He also gave up his house and bank savings that amount to a total of $750,000 for the welfare of his daughter and his ex-wife.

At the same time, Samantha has also been cooperative; the couple arranges a rendezvous sometimes along with their little daughter. Samantha even allowed her daughter to attend Randy Orton’s second wedding with Kim Marie Kessler.

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What’s more? Samantha still uses the same bank account with Orton as her last name. Although it’s not a big deal, people do not usually tend to relate anything in their possession with their husbands after the divorce. Do you think Samantha still has some feelings for Randy Orton?

Even after the breakup of six years of marriage between the couple, ex-husband, Randy Orton, and Samantha Speno have maintained an exemplary post-divorce relationship.

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