Sam Larson is a well-known figure in the world of outdoor education and adventure. Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, he has gained recognition as an accomplished author, a skilled wilderness instructor, and even as the victor of season 5 of the survival television show “Alone.”

Apart from his expertise in surviving in the wild, Larson also has a unique role in his community as a pastor. With a deep connection to nature and spirituality, he inspires others not only through his writing and outdoor teachings but also through his guidance and leadership as a pastor. His diverse talents and experiences make him a remarkable individual who continues to make a positive impact on both the wilderness and the people around him.

Relationship Status Of Larson

Sam Larson is happily married to his wife, Sydney Larson. Their journey of love began at a young age, as they tied the knot when he was just 20 years old. It’s heartwarming to know that their bond has grown strong over the years, facing the challenges of life’s wilderness together. She has even made a few appearances on the show “Alone,” sharing in his adventurous spirit.

Sydney Larson is sitting on a chair holding her little baby.
Sam Larson’s wife, Sydney Larson (Source: Sam Larson Instagram @samexplores)

While Larson occasionally shares glimpses of their life on his Instagram, the couple tends to keep their marriage quite private, embracing a quiet and cherished life away from the spotlight. This discretion adds a touch of mystery to their relationship, allowing them to nurture their love and connection in a more intimate and personal way.

Net Worth Of The Survival Expert

Sam Larson has built an impressive financial standing with an estimated net worth of around $1 million. His main source of income comes from his role as an outdoor educator, where he passionately imparts knowledge through wilderness living classes. These classes cover a wide range of skills, from teaching how to process animals for sustenance to mastering the art of canoeing.

Larson’s expertise extends beyond teaching, as he’s also an accomplished author, sharing his insights and experiences in his works. His victory on the reality show “Alone” added to his reputation and likely contributed to his income. In addition to his educational pursuits, he engages in paid promotions on social media, collaborating with brands that align with his interests. Despite his success, he remains discreet about his total earnings, keeping the focus on his genuine passion for the outdoors and educating others.

Larson Has Few Kids

Larson not only excels in his outdoor pursuits but also takes pride in being a loving father to his three children: Alaska, Everest, and Wren Larson. Alaska holds the special place of being their eldest child, while Everest and Wren add a delightful charm as his daughters. Sam’s commitment to his family is evident even during his adventures, as he embarked on his journey to “Alone” season one with the anticipation of becoming a father soon; Sydney, his wife, was already seven months pregnant with their first child, Alaska.

Alaska, Everest, and Wren Larson are posing for the picture by sticking their tongue out.
Sam Larson’s kids. Alaska, Everest, and Wren Larson (Source: Sam Larson Facebook @Sam Larson – ALONE)

Larson’s family continued to grow, welcoming the arrival of their youngest daughter, Wren, on October 2, 2020. Sam’s role as a father beautifully complements his passion for the outdoors, showcasing a well-rounded life of adventure and cherished family moments. He faces a heart-wrenching challenge as his young son, Alaska, has been diagnosed with a rare and ultimately terminal neurological disease. This difficult situation has been made even more devastating as he has lost nearly all of his eyesight due to the disease. Sam and his family navigate this incredibly tough journey with strength and love, providing their oldest child with all the care and support he needs.

Had Appeared In The First Season of Alone

Sam Larson’s journey in the world of survival challenges began with his appearance in the inaugural season of “Alone” in 2015 as mentioned on his IMDb page. While he didn’t secure the top spot, his remarkable skills and tenacity led him to a commendable runner-up position, losing to Alan Kay. His performance in that season captivated audiences and demonstrated his deep understanding of wilderness survival.

Though Larson narrowly missed the title, his experience, and determination laid the foundation for his subsequent victory in “Alone Season 5: Mongolia.” Sam’s evolution from a determined contestant to a triumphant winner showcases his growth, resilience, and ability to turn setbacks into stepping stones toward success.

The Season 5 Winner Of Alone

Larson’s remarkable achievement as the winner of “Alone Season 5: Mongolia” in 2018 is nothing short of awe-inspiring. At the young age of 24, he etched his name in the record books by becoming the youngest victor of the world’s most challenging survival reality TV contest. The feat was truly extraordinary, given that he spent over 100 days all by himself, battling the wilderness of Mongolia as mentioned on Sam Explores’ website.

Larson’s triumph not only showcased his exceptional survival skills and resilience but also highlighted his unwavering determination to conquer the toughest of obstacles. His remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us of the incredible things that can be achieved through grit, courage, and a fierce will to succeed.

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Has Also Written A Few Books

Sam Larson’s talents extend beyond his outdoor and pastoral pursuits; he’s also an accomplished author with two insightful books to his name. His debut book, “To Tread In Wild Places: An Introductory Guide to Wilderness Living Skills,” serves as a comprehensive resource for those venturing into the great outdoors. This book covers a wide range of essential topics, from setting up shelter and purifying water to starting fires and identifying wild plants.

Larson’s expertise shines through as he shares valuable insights on outdoor cooking recipes and the art of harmonizing with nature. Due to its success and popularity, a second edition of the book, titled “To Tread In Wild Places, 2nd Edition: An Introductory Guide to Wilderness Living Skills,” was released. This revised edition likely builds upon the foundation of the first, providing readers with even more knowledge and guidance to embrace the wilderness confidently.

Is Also A Pastor

In addition to his outdoor expertise and television accomplishments, Larson plays a significant role in his local community as a pastor. He serves as the pastor of Redemption Hill Bible Church, a meaningful position that allows him to guide and support his congregation in Hickman, Nebraska.

Sam Larson is reading bible through the mic as others looks on.
Sam Larson preaching to few men (Source: Sam Larson Instagram @samexplores)

Larson’s dedication to his role extends beyond the church walls, as he actively engages with the Hickman community, offering his guidance, compassion, and a helping hand to those in need. This commitment to his community isn’t limited to Sam alone; his family is equally involved in church activities and community initiatives, reflecting their shared values and their desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Early Life Of The Former Alone Winner

Larson’s early life was marked by curiosity and fascination with the natural world that shaped his adventurous spirit. The spark of his outdoor passion ignited during elementary school when he encountered an arrowhead exhibit at a natural history museum, setting the stage for his lifelong connection with wilderness exploration. By the age of 14, he demonstrated a determination beyond his years, selling most of his belongings to fund a canoe expedition in the picturesque landscapes of northern Ontario.

After completing high school, Larson’s thirst for knowledge led him to the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School in northern Maine, where he delved into the art of bushcraft. Notably, his unwavering commitment to his passion saw him selling his Jeep to seize an opportunity to learn from a bushcraft mentor in Arizona, where he lived humbly under an Army poncho. Before his debut in “Alone” Season 1, he gained valuable experience by working for a prominent outdoor gear retailer in Lincoln, Nebraska. His journey from arrowhead exhibits to challenging expeditions and immersive learning experiences showcases his unyielding dedication to mastering wilderness skills.


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