Updated: 12/06/2016 01:21 PM | First Published: 12/05/2016 05:15 PM

Sally Field is vocal about her health issues

Smiley Sally Field resting her hand on her cheek.

One of the health issues that Sally had to go through was Osteoporosis. Like her mother, she was diagnosed with the condition in 2005. Sally was born to Richard Dryden and his wife Margaret Fieldin Pasadena, California.

Sources reveal that earlier Sally feared that she would have a low bone strength and  was careful to exercise, take healthy diets and receive enough calcium. In her words, however, she “had a history of osteoporosis on both sides of [her] family” and that she got the disease because “it was in [her] genetic code”. Too sad! Especially because Sally had taken utmost care to not have to go through it.

On being asked what treatments she had undertaken after being diagnosed with the condition, Sally remarked, “I've been doing more weight-training. It's very helpful in keeping your muscles strong.” After all, it is essential that your muscles have strong enough hold of your bones!

Not only that, Sally claims to be suffering from anxiety issues. In numerous accounts, Sally has claimed that she would get anxiety attacks if she attended “parties, premiers and power lunches.” She has declared a couple of times that she is not much of a social person. Not only that, it is believed that Sally’s anxiety issues cost her two marriages. Sally herself thinks she rushed into her first marriage with Steven Craig and ended her second marriage with Alan Greisman because Alan was “a social person”.

Important to note, however, some good has come of Sally’s health conditions. She is an avid activist and has organized “Rally with Sally for Bone Health” campaigns. In 2006, Sally appeared in testimonial ads for Boniva, a medication for osteoporosis. Her achievements are illustrations of how courage and dedication can help one overcome their personal fallacies.