Rorie Buckey is a young woman who happens to be related to famous people. She’s Heath Ledger’s niece, which means he was her uncle. Heath Ledger was a legendary actor known for famously playing Joker in “The Dark Knight.” She is also known for being the girlfriend of Robert Clarence Irwin.

Robert is from Australia and does a lot of different things. He’s on TV, acts, takes care of animals, and helps protect the environment. He’s the son of the legendary Steve Irwin. So, she has some pretty cool connections in the world of entertainment and wildlife conservation!

Currently In A Relationship With Robert Irwin

Rorie Buckey and Robert Irwin are a couple, and they’re pretty cute together! Robert made their relationship official on Instagram in August 2023, which is like saying, “Hey, everyone, we’re together!” They even walked the red carpet as a couple on July 3, 2023, at the premiere of a movie called “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” in Sydney.

Rorie Buckey and Robert Irwin are posing by the lake.
Rorie Buckey with her boyfriend, Robert Irwin (Source: Rorie Buckey Instagram @roriebuckey)

It’s nice to see Rorie and Robert enjoying their time together. They like to keep their relationship private, so they don’t talk about it much in public. That’s okay because everyone deserves some privacy, especially when you’re in the public eye like they are!

Education Background Of Rorie

Rorie Buckey is focused on her education and is currently working towards earning a Bachelor of Science degree in physiotherapy. She’s studying at Curtin University, which is where she’s gaining all the knowledge and skills needed to become a physiotherapist. It’s awesome to see her dedicating herself to her studies and working hard to achieve her goals. With her determination, she’s sure to make a positive impact in the world of healthcare!

Rorie completed her high school education at a special place called Penrhos College in Perth. It’s an all-girls private school. Going to a private school often means you get a unique and focused education. Robert’s girlfriend must have had some interesting experiences and made good friends during her time there.

About Rorie’s Parents

Rorie’s parents are Nathan Buckey and Kate Ledger. They live in Perth Australia. Kate Ledger is special because she’s the sister of the late actor Heath Ledger. So, this makes Heath her uncle. It’s kind of like having a famous person in the family, which is pretty cool. Her family must have some exciting stories to share!

Kate Ledger is wearing black shades.
Rorie Buckey’s mother, Kate Ledger (Source: CBS YouTube Channel)

Nathan is a hardworking dad who runs his flooring business in Perth. That means he’s in charge of making floors look nice and sturdy. It’s a job that takes a lot of skill and effort. When it comes to Rorie’s relationship with Robert Irwin, it seems like her father gave it his approval, as per the reports from the Daily Mail. That’s a good thing because it means he’s happy with who his daughter is dating.

Has A Book Written On Her

Rorie Buckey and her twin sister Scarlett must be pretty special because their mom, Kate Ledger, wrote a book about them! That’s like having a whole story dedicated just to them. It must be a touching and personal book because it’s about her daughters. It’s a lovely way for Kate to share her feelings and experiences as a mom.

There’s something truly magical about the bond between Rorie and Scarlett. And, the book Kate wrote is based on their friendship too. It’s a series of children’s books called “Twin Magic.” These books are all about the incredible connection that twins like Rorie and Scarlett share. Each story likely takes young readers on exciting adventures with the twins, showing how their unique bond helps them overcome challenges and learn important life lessons.

Has A Twin Sister

Rorie has a special bond with her twin sister, Scarlett Buckey. Scarlett is on her journey to become an expert in medicines and healthcare as a pharmacy student. She seems to prefer a private and low-key life. Also, her Instagram account is set to private, and she keeps her posts and updates just for her close friends and family to see.

Rorie and Scarlett Buckey are taking a selfie in a car.
Rorie Buckey with her twin sister, Scarlett Buckey (Source: Rorie Buckey Instagram @roriebuckey)

Even though Scarlett values her privacy, Rorie sometimes shares bits about her sister on her social media. It’s a sweet way to show that they care about each other, even if her twin sister prefers to stay out of the public eye. Twins have a unique connection, and it’s nice to see her sharing some love for her sister!

Robert’s Girlfriend Is A Foodie

It’s clear that Rorie Buckey has a real love for food, and you can see that just by taking a look at her Instagram page. Her feed is filled with so many pictures of delicious dishes and yummy treats. She must be a true foodie, someone who enjoys exploring different flavors and cuisines. Sharing those food pictures is like sharing a piece of her culinary adventures with her followers.

It’s fun to follow someone so passionate about food because it can inspire you to try new dishes and maybe even discover some favorite restaurants. Rorie’s Instagram is a tasty journey through her love for all things food!

A Bit About Rorie’s Boyfriend Robert Irwin

Robert Clarence Irwin is a multi-talented individual from Australia who wears many hats. He’s known as a television personality, which means he appears on TV to share his knowledge and love for wildlife. He’s also tried his hand at acting, bringing his passion for the animal kingdom to the big screen. As a conservationist, he works hard to protect the environment and the creatures that call it home.

Robert Irwin is looking at Daisy.
Rorie Buckey’s partner Robert Clarence Irwin with a crocodile, Daisy (Source: Robert Irwin Instagram @robertirwinphotography)

Being a zookeeper means Terri Irwin’s son, Clarence takes care of animals, ensuring they have a safe and healthy life. And he’s quite the wildlife photographer, capturing the beauty of nature through his lens. What makes Rorie’s boyfriend even more special is that he’s the son of the legendary Steve Irwin, who was famous for his dedication to wildlife conservation. He is carrying forward his father’s incredible legacy, continuing the important work of educating people about the wonders of the natural world.

Rorie Is On Instagram

Rorie is active on Instagram, and you can find her there using the handle @roriebuckey. She shares a little bit of her life through her posts. You’ll come across pictures from her travels, delicious food snaps, moments spent with friends, and of course, glimpses of her twin sister, Scarlett.

Rorie likes to capture her adventures and the things that make her smile. Plus, she occasionally shares moments with her boyfriend, Robert Irwin (former Tess Poyner’s boyfriend), giving followers a peek into their relationship. Instagram can be a fun way to keep up with what someone’s up to and see the world through their eyes, and Rorie’s page seems to be a mix of joy and exploration!

About Rorie’s Uncle Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was a talented Australian actor who achieved great acclaim for his portrayal of the Joker in the movie “The Dark Knight.” His performance in that role was so remarkable that he even won an Oscar for it. Unfortunately, his life was tragically cut short when he passed away on January 22, 2008, in Manhattan, New York City, USA.

The cause of Rorie’s uncle’s death was a result of taking a combination of different medications, including oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam, and doxylamine, which had a severe impact on his body. His passing was a loss to the world of acting, and he is remembered for his incredible talent and the impact he made on the film industry.

Even though Rorie was young when her uncle Heath passed away, his memory still holds a special place in her family’s heart. Her mother, Kate Ledger, has emphasized just how important the late actor is in the lives of her children. Despite his physical absence, his spirit remains very much alive within their family.

The Ledger family keeps his memory alive by sharing stories and talking about Heath regularly, as mentioned in an article from People. It’s a way for them to honor the impact Heath had on their lives and to ensure that he continues to be a part of their family’s journey, even though he is no longer with them in person.


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