Rodney Carrington divorced wife of eighteen years: Know why

Comedian Rodney Carrington is looking cool in black hat.

Rodney Carrington divorced wife of eighteen years: Know why




Quick Facts About

Name Rodney Carrington
Date of Birth October 19, 1968
Age 48 Years Old
Profession Comedian
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Divorced
Place Of Birth Longview, Texas
Wife Terri Carrington
Best Known For stand-up comedy, ABC sitcom "Rodney"

Comedian Rodney Carrington at the Buena Vista Social club in 1954 in Havana Cuba, Source :

Rodney Carrington, best known for hilarious stand-ups, divorced his wife Terry after 18 years of marriage. The couple abstained from any public discussion or acknowledgement of the reasons behind their separation. The comedian is also an outstanding musician and actor.

Rodney Carrington has no immediate plans to get in a serious relationship

Rodney Carrington is the brightest shining star in the comedy arena. , Source :

Time and again, Rodney has stated that he would rather stay single. In one particular instance, Rodney told his audience: “I would never date. Dating means I would actually have to go pick somebody up.”

Rodney seems to be in no hurry to date after a divorce with his wife. At the moment, Rodney Carrington seems to be focused on being there for his three children instead of searching for a romantic partner.

Rodney Carrington's dishonesty was probably not the reason of divorce.

Rodney Carrington, a hilarious stand-up comedian. , Source :

Rodney married his wife Terry in 1993. He has fathered three sons with Terry- George, Sam and Zac. Sadly, the couple separated in 2010, leading to a “smooth” divorce, a couple years later.

Rodney made several jokes regarding his separation on a couple of his shows. He has claimed that he had tried his best to make their 18 years’ relationship work. Rodney's former wife was “stubborn” and never thought twice about leaving him.

Not only that, Rodney has shared that they have not talked to each other after the separation.

Neither Rodney nor Terry disclosed the key reason behind their divorce. Following the divorce, both of them have remained single. So, it is not fair to assume that dishonesty might have been the reason behin their separation after almost two decades of marriage.

Moving on from bitter marriage was not easy for Rodney Carrington

Rodney Carrington with his then wife and children, Source :

Rodney's divorce with Terry was unexpected and quite shocking even to those near him. This might explain what Rodney must have gone through when he finally realised that he had officially separated from his wife.

Rodney has claimed,“I never thought that I would ever be (divorced). I was that guy who was going to be there forever, until death do you part.”

In one of his acts, Rodney acknowledged that he had to take a class after his unforeseen divorce with wife Terri. Quite jokingly, he said: “Everybody feels like Mandela in there: ‘Oh my God, we’re free!’”



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